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Last week we had very little art but lots of ooh. This week has even less art, just as much ooh but also a little about my LARP character.

Own Art:

There has been no time for art this week. Instead I have been playing around with modelling software and divining the future of the earth. We’re doomed. Get to the ships and get off the planet. Don’t make Cylons or any other cloned people with shared/transferable memories – if you do you’re asking for trouble.

Instead I’ve uploaded a few of my character costume photographs on deviantART.

The Lady PhysicianMercy Blackstaff –Cloakless-Mercy Blackstaff

Mercy Blackstaff is my character for the Fools and Heroes LARP I am part of. She’s a Guildsman Physician (I just received my advance notice), read Healer or Medic for you gamers out there (we can’t use the term “medic” or “healer” as this is sometimes the in-game call for real life medical attention, which pauses the game). She’s also a Kindred of Vleybor, the White Lady, one of the seven deities of the game. Whilst my character respects all aspects of the Parthenon, as required by all characters, she reveres Vleybor above all else. It provides my character with some additional benefits, but dictates some behaviours. Most people don’t start playing a religious person, but it fit with my own personality and that of my character.

Eventually she will have a whole set of adventuring gear that I’ve crafted, but for now all she has a good cloak, a black hooded robe (with deep practical hood), posh medieval gown and a belt pouch. I’ve also got a number of bags on a belt and a small leather satchel bag. My character also has a staff and a small holy symbol of a wooden Celtic cross of my lady Vleybor. I also have a tidy collection of small potion bottles and black bandages – black so that they’re not obvious against players in the dark and so that people can tell that they’re mine (you’d be amazed how easy it is to see white bandages amongst dark trees.

Wow Art:

tangled by the light by ~Novawuff

I was first grabbed by the pearly blue light caught in the threads. Then, as the light shades down onto the upturned face of the griffin there is a sense of wonder. How did they get the light to do that? It’s a wonderful picture particularly when you find yourself lost in the tangles and shadings of this moving piece. I particularly like the darkest corner around the griffin’s feet. If this is an excuse to avoid working, then I am in awe.

God of Evanescence by ~sanguisGelidus

Part of the competition using particular stock images of an animal, clock and fruit, I like how this one is not obviously stock – that the stock has been used for inspiration. It’s a little surreal and unearthly, but it is a great painting and reminds me of some fantasy game art. Hopefully this does well in the competition!

Gift: Joseph riding by *Leila

I love the horse. It reminds me of the Chinese style animal paintings, with the flowing brush strokes and ink style shading. I wish my horses looked this good.

+lireal+ by ~LainDragon

Having just finished the Sabriel and Lireal books, I went searching for fan art and this one popped out. I like the sombre nature to it, combined with the painted lights. If you look carefully, charter marks float in the light. Even though this is a form of self portrait, I do like this form of Lireal.

Jack Frost by ~WolfesClothing

This is a beautiful smooth picture, with very few colours in the palette. The central character is engaging and mysterious, another picture that makes me wonder what the story is. A brilliant dA ID.

This was awarded a Daily Deviation on 05 Mar 2011.

Craft Art:

Nada. I’ve done a bit of repair work and I’m hoping to work on customising my new physician’s satchel, though I’m not sure what I should do – if I engrave the leather with either the Vleyborian or physician symbol then I might not be able to use it again. However, I do want to spruce it up a bit.