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Last week was another foray into Ithron, the world of Fools and Heroes. This week is a bit of a ramble. More ramble than usual.

It’s been another one of those weeks. In fact, it’s been a culmination of several weeks of coursework gone wrong (the model I was required to build that is, not the write up). Luckily the module leader was understanding and kind enough to support me through this, but the stress and anxiety sort of got to me and it’s been draining.

So much so that sleep has been interesting at best.

However, things have been looking up. Although I haven’t found a job (yet), life has gained a focus through several good events that have provided a grounding point. It’s kind of satisfactory that I only have x number of taught module time to go, my graduation to arrange and that I don’t have to look for a new home (not house just yet)

That and the fact that Lord A384’s bracers have turned up, I have another heap of potion phys-rep bottles to fill with coloured water and scents (gotta love the sneaky way to identify the difference between the safe vial of clear water and the not so safe one) and we’ve had the last set of Deep Space Nine DVDs turn up.

Star Trek is almost addictive – almost – but it’s just so good, with the characters and the settings and the sudden long moments of episode upon episode of tension (e.g. the Dominion War in DS9). I wasn’t a trekkie before, but now that we have a sizeable collection, I have to admit that I am. That, and the fact that I and my third year flat made t-shirts to go and see the latest film – was so good(!)

This isn’t really much of a good random post this week.

My brain is just not really anywhere – too much computer modelling, too much research, too much time at the computer.

My brain hurts.