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Last week examined more amazing artists as well as detailing the work I’d done in the week. This week has less of my art due to constraints on my time (for example, my trip to Scotland)

Own Art:

It’s been one of those weeks: work, watch Stargate SG1, work some more. Art has taken a back seat, but never fear: we have managed to squeeze something out for your delectation. Life has been getting complicated but I won’t go into all the details – if the words Graduate Job Hunt don’t ring any bells, then it doesn’t matter.

In another’s eyes

This piece is another conceptual work on Sons of Lur with a little more light effects. Also some Corel effects. It explores the bond between Nyssa and Ifan whilst trying to describe some of the sensations experienced by dragon riders. But, before that – whilst I was making this piece, this section made me think of a beautiful painted image I’d seen on deviantART. It’s not quite the same but it just made me think.

Click this picture to see what this reminds me of

Now, onto all the amazing art our there!

Wow Art:

Jaffa by *uppuN
I think I was having a bit of an off week after coming back from Scotland and when I saw this piece it made me giggle. From having watched episode upon episode in the background (I have to get back to Season 8 asap to catch up with what’s going on since we’ve run out of Star Trek to watch) that I sort of feel a sense of kinship to the artist. Although my drink was not talking to me, I did begin to start thinking of things in terms of … stargate.
Open-mouthed smile

The Androssian Prophecy page 1 by *Bad-Dragon
I love Bad-Dragon’s work and so am very very excited by the arrival of his comic project. It’s just the first page, but it’s intriguing and attention grabbing and I want the next page (please)

The Mago by *Eruhaha
I love the story and meaning trapped in this piece, where the colours and styles all have particular meaning – like the stained noble robe and the long loose hair indicating grief. It is a beautiful piece speaking volumes of the time and effort put into it.

This was awarded a Daily Deviation on 03 Mar 2011

Unicorn and Girl by ~sighthoundlady
This piece has a haunting quality about it, with a beautiful horse and an intricate celtic border. It has been prepared for a children’s book. This is just one example of some of sighthoundlady’s amazing work in her gallery and I was spoilt for choice with all the different pictures.

Cabin by ~Sanchiko
I like the tranquility of this  piece as well as the unusual angle. I find myself drawn between the desk, the window and the bed, wondering as to the story of this picture. I assume she is a warrior based on the weapon on the wall, and aboard a station based on the view out the window. But I’m sure there is more to this picture and I am glad to have stumbled across it.

Crafty Art:

Ah … not much here … having hopefully advanced in Fools and Heroes, I’ve ordered some plain bracers and potion bottles from Darkblade. I use the potion bottles to phys-rep (physically represent) the physicians drugs I am allowed to carry in character – all marked with Ronish indicating the drug or potion and the symbol of the guild. Only members of the guild are allowed to use these potions. The bracers are for the character of Nathan Jamesson.

And I’ll be making breeches for Nathan and I want/need to get my character’s costume sorted (skirts and all). I may also need to make some armour for Nathan and maybe even a bag for myself – something to hold all my myrid potion bottles and bandages.

Also I need to find a camping glow stick torch/thing for the next night site. As much as I enjoy walking around in the dark, I do not enjoy walking around in the dark and falling over things.