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Last week was a glimpse into my artistic toolbox, focusing on the 3D software and my digital art work with Corel. This week it is another excursion into the realm of Ithron. The year is 1011 (MXI) and the land is in peril …

For those of you who are confused, no, I’m not talking double dutch and I’ve not lost my mind.

Ithron is, in essence, England (not the UK, I’ll move onto that momentarily) in the world of Fools and Heroes. We have the major cities, though their names are, of course, altered. The counties are different, primarily dividing the country into the main gaming towns. For example: Berwickshire spans the North East and North West of the country and has the major cities of Newcroft and Carlech (Newcastle and Carlisle). Our adventuring guild travels from Newcroft and ranges across the area. There are maps I could show you, though they don’t all quite correlate to real life areas (for example, the huge amounts of woodland doesn’t exist), particularly since our monthly night site arena has been used to represent various parts of the land and I’m sure the same can be said of our day site.

We speak a common tongue, and write in a language called Ronish (a runic language that is fairly logical in the shapes it creates), though only the learned can read it and write it – I, however, am supposed to be able to read this. Currently I’ve been able to understand the physicians drugs I am required to know, but I have to work with colours for other stuff (and on a dark night, colours are interesting to figure out. Particularly when there is no cloud cover and we have bright lights which ruining our night vision. “Hey ref, what is this?”). As a physician, I am not very learned.

So, things are fairly simple, yeah? We’ve got Lirron (Scotland), Ithron (England), Sotho (Wales) and the evil Axion Empire (think Roman Empire and you’re getting pretty close) to the south across the sea. We have some major cities, a seat of power in Norham (Nottingham) and various guilds spread across the land.

Now let me put a spanner in the works for you.

Due to some … weird stuff … we have multiple versions of Berwickshire which interact with our own. And thus is the cause of our latest mission.


We were “dragged” from our beds with summons from the Lord. A strange storm was brewing, with flashes of gold lightning cutting the sky asunder. We were, along with senior members of the mages, mercenary and physicians guilds, ordered to leave Newcroft and enter a rift to seek out a Necromancer called Alexander Grey and to destroy one of these pocket alternative worlds of Berwickshire.

Simple, I hear you say.

Err … no.

As the adventure goes on we realise that this world operates on very different sets of rules, where things that appear to be monsters are, in fact, people under enchantments and we look just as scary (in theory). Hounded by the evil overlord of this realm (a self styled wannabe demon prince), the party are harassed and chased, split up, reunited, almost destroyed and poisoned (to varying degrees).

At times we weren’t sure if we’d make it out alive – at this time, I, being the furthest from the action, was lying on my back, admiring the cloudless sky and counting. Counting down to character death. This is the first (and probably not the last) time I will be considering my character’s end – what should I do next? Play another physician? Work my way through the ranks of the vleyborian church? What should I do?

I have to say this was one of the most action packed adventures I’ve been on since I started, and I got rather good at climbing muddy slopes to escape the wrath of angry scots men (sporting a Scotty accent from Star Trek – you know who you are!).

But the world was saved (yay!), we messed up DeKlan’s plan (hopefully) and all is well in Ithron.

At least until the next night site.

Mercy Blackstaff also is anticipated to advance to the rank of Guildsman of the Physician’s guild.