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Last week was a ramble through writing. This week we continue the character surveys started on Writing Monday #16 with Ifan, exploring the character of Alecto.

Character Study: Alecto Fallstone

The Wulfskarl Rider


[*] FULL NAME: Alecto Fallstone.
[*] MEANING: Alecto has no meaning (that I can find), but Alec means “protector of the people” in Old English and is a short form of Alex, Alexander from the Greek meaning the same. Fallstone is just a surname, but something earthy and wholesome. Salt of the earth.
[*] NICKNAME: Wolf-boy, Boy, Pup.
[*] ACTUAL AGE: 29.
[*] RESIDENCE: He is a wanderer, following at the heels of his pack. His family home is in the fertile Lowlands of Rhegan. When in any area for a long period of time, he is stationed in the more comfortable quarters of the Hunters Hall of any major settlement. He is treated as an honoured guest, whilst his pack are stationed in the barrack quarters as soldiers of the militia.
[*] AGE APPEARANCE: Young, late twenties.
[*] SPECIES: Human.
[*] GENDER: Male.
[*] SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Homosexual.
[*] KIDS: None.
[*] OCCUPATION: Wulskarl Rider for one of the Wulfsrad packs.


[*] HAIR COLOR: Dark brown.
[*] HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Short, sensible with a flop fringe. He has a short goatee or a soul patch on his chin.
[*] EYES COLOR: Mismatched eyes – one is forest green, the other is wolfish green amber.
[*] HEIGHT:  173 cm or 5ft 8in.
[*] DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES): He has a set of three long scars down his breastbone received during his initiation as a Wulfskarl Rider. He also has a selection of bite marks and scratches across his back from times where he has interacted with the pack and/or attempted the Change.
[*] SELF CARE(MAKE UP): As a Wulfskarl and a half-formed shape-shifter, he has the slightly OCD clean tendencies like a wolf. He always bathes, even in icy water, and keeps his kit clean and tidy.
[*] FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Over enthusiastic, maybe even a little foolish. Very friendly like a puppy dog.
[*] SKIN COLOR: Ruddy, tanned.
[*] BODY TYPE/BUILD: Defined, almost scrawny. If he was a woman he would be considered willowy.
[*] PIERCINGS/JEWELLRY: He wears no jewellery and has no piercings.
[*] DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Joyful, playful, maybe even slightly seductive. He makes a lot of jokes.
[*] WEAPON OF CHOICE: Long bow, belt knife.


[*] WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Friendly, maybe even slightly annoying in his enthusiasm. Bouncy.
[*] AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): Bouncy, lovable. He makes jokes and teases if he likes you. He is generally submissive, deferring to any dominant personalities.
[*] AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): He becomes politely rude, almost openly rude. He cannot be rude (his upbringing forbids it), but he can pointedly ignore you. He’ll also snap, snarl and even bite if he really dislikes you.
[*] POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Loyal, kind, protective.
[*] NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: OCD about cleanliness, quite angry when pushed to do something he does not believe is right..
[*] FAVORITE COLOR: Dark green and brown.
[*] FAVORITE FOOD: Meat, sweet, succulent, straight off the bone.
[*] FAVORITE ANIMAL: The wolf, since he is one.
[*] FAVORITE ELEMENT: Earth, it reminds him of his childhood exploring the Tanglewood and his parent’s farm.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: Gold – the symbol of magic and material weapons.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Leafy greens – as a Wulfskarl, he finds it difficult to digest vegetable matter..
[*] LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: Hounds. He was chased by some when he managed to make the Change.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Horned instruments, weapons of war and of the hunt.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE ELEMENT: Fire, scourge of farm lands and woodlands – bringing back memories of his childhood..
[*] HOBBIES: He rarely has time to indulge, but would spend it in passions of the flesh or gambling and gaming with the locals.
[*] USUAL MOOD: Joyful, full of the joys of living.
[*] DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: He likes to drink, at times to just drink away his melancholy and will drink whatever he can get his hands on in the local tavern.
[*] SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: His semi-unrequited love for his Packmaster, Heruld. He cannot deny him anything, partly as he is his pack Alpha and because he loves him.
[*] OPINION ON SWEARING: He swears mildly in severe circumstances.
[*] MUSIC TYPE: Peasant folk, something that’s good to dance to.
[*] COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Mild, maybe even slightly warm. He can also cope with humidity from his life in the Lowlands. The North is about what he can cope with if wrapped up warm.
[*] SLEEPING PATTERN: Lightly, twitchy, like a dog. He can go days without sleep.
[*] CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: Practically OCD. He always bathes even in the worst conditions, everything has it’s proper place and he gets edgy if things have been moved.
[*] DESIRED PET: None.
[*] HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: When possible he sits in taverns, drinking and gambling with soldiers and locals. He has a quicker wit than most and can hear lies when people talk. Even though he is colour blind, he is sharp and usually wins at cards. When not drinking (at times to excess), he indulges in the pleasures of the flesh, though it does not replace the love he has for his Packmaster.
[*] BIGGEST SECRET: He is in love with his Packmaster, Heruld.
[*] WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE: Since he is a wolf, even if he can’t shape shift, he’d be a full wolf.
[*] FEARS: That he will be trapped as a wolf and hunted if he makes the Change. He can’t control when he gets the urges to shift and the temptation is great to try one last time.
[*] DRUNK TYPE: Sexual and seductive.
[*] SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: As a shape-shifter he has heightened senses of smell and hearing, though is colour blind and is unable to shift properly. He serves as a Wulfskarl, hoping that one day he will be able to become one of the back.
[*] DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: He savaged another candidate when he made the Change and has been watched by the Rangers ever since.


[*] DANGER: Backs up, takes account of the scenario, thinks, moves on.
[*] SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: He would growl at them, a lot. And glower.
[*] PROPOSAL TO MARRY: Freak. He’ll never be allowed to marry for fear that he’ll pass on his defective nature to his offspring.
[*] DEATH OF LOVED ONE: He’d go a wandering, looking for ways to end his life.
[*] INJURY: He has the habit of licking his wounds like an animal. He can’t help himself at times. Then he’ll whimper and whine until someone tends to his hurt.
[*] SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE: “Aww”. He’s a big softy really.
[*] LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK: He’d just smile and continue what he was doing. It doesn’t really bother him.


[*] DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: Only in their dreams. He’s quite submissive as a pack Omega.
[*] HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): He’s quiet and shy, almost afraid.
[*] GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: Gentlemanly (good upbringing).
[*] GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Slow. Uberslow.
[*] TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: He believes in true love (to his Packmaster) but he tries many people, both men and women.
[*] WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Pretty shiny things. He likes shinies.
[*] TYPE OF KISSER: Nervous. When drunk he gets quite forceful.
[*] ARE THEY ROMANTIC: Only for Heruld. Others, not so much.
[*] HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Submissive. He can’t help it, he’s a pack Omega.
[*] TOYS?: At times.
[*] FETISHES: Being treated like the wolf he is in his heart.
[*] S+M: Yes, he’s been a bad boy. He needs punishing.
[*] GET JEALOUS EASY: No, since as a wolf he’d have no choice on his sexual partners.
[*] OPINION ON SEX: It is a need of man and wolf and is therefore natural. And he likes it.

This character study was taken from Mavrosh’s journal on Deviant Art