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Last week was another long list with the return to the Wow and Crafty arts. This week we continue the showcase of favourite art from the deviantART community along with a plug for a contest.

And don’t forget: Dragon Mugs are still available.

Own Art:

Where has the week gone? One moment I’m writing Week #16’s Art Friday Post and then boom … we’re here and I’m digging through the week’s +favs and submissions to bring you the latest and greatest. What’s with that?

It’s been another week of conceptual character development to accompany Sons of Lur as well as working on an entry for a contest being run by *nathie on deviantART (more on that later).

Nathie’s Alejandro –Contest-

My entry for Nathie’s contest on deviantART. I spent a long time researching the fashions and character and small details and spent even longer flipping between two of Nathie’s pictures to try and morph the head right. Pff …

I only hope that the fashion is acceptable – I’ll be so bummed if I don’t get a look at because he’s wearing the wrong clothes.


This is in the style of my previous “Light in the Darkness” piece, with one of our latest characters – Master Freyr, High Priest of the Hunter in Stormhaven. He’s also the chief healer to the associated Dragon Tower at Stormhaven and wields a big hammer *hammer time*.

An exercise in using a real person as a base – I think I didn’t do too badly and caught that roguish air the real life Freyr has.

You are in my seat

An experiment into scenes, which I think worked fairly well. Queen Morla appears to be not as sick as Alrissa hoped and has entered the throne room to find the little upstart holding court. Understandably she’s less than impressed. No prizes for guessing what she said.

I know this place

A dreamy Nyssa piece. I was watching Atlantis, the cartoon film, and this just came to me. Of course, water and I don’t quite get along. So imagine my surprise when I opened this up after rendering and found that the lights and scene had worked. Her hand is not odd by the way – it’s underwater and the water refracts. It symbolises Nyssa’s frame of mind when she enters the Labyrinth near the end of the book.

On the nature of dragon riders

Just a bit of silliness trying to explain how the bonded dragon-human thing works. It works like this: at any one time, the dragon and human are together with one as the outward form and the other as part of the internal landscape: I am without, he is within.

And a chance to have a snarky Lore: I am not simple, my dear. Merely a Dragon Rider which are never simple – well said, Lore.

We go North

A heroic moment in the novel as the group comes together and get on the actual quest – gentlemen, we go North!

This was fun to make, finally getting costumes and faces right for how the group fit together. Elrik has had a small redesign to go with his age and his relationship to various members of the cast. But I’m not telling …

SOL Hildi Wallpaper

My thanks to ~CoolCurry for allowing me to use the stock background for this wallpaper which is available on Wolfish Written.

Hildi is Ifan’s sister and has finally settled in a look and, more importantly, in face and body morph. I also like the axe. I always thought her an axe lady (partly because I enjoy fighting with the axes in Fools and Heroes when I get the chance) and I found one that goes.

Wow Art:

Before we look at some amazing pieces of work that have found their way into my +fav folder, I would like to mention a contest I’ve submitted a piece too. *Nathie is running a competition until 01 April 2011 to produce an entry in digital, traditional or photographic media depicting at least one of his 4 main characters. I’ve been following Nathie’s art for a while and so had to enter. If you want to try this, the link is available above.

Scout by ~Pervandr
This picture caught my attention and gripped my imagination. The colours are soft and at first I thought this to be a photograph. And then I looked closer and found that it wasn’t. The gradation of colours to simulate distance has been done beautifully and I find myself straining to see beyond the horse and rider to see the encampment and fortified building beyond. Is this what the rider has come to find? Or is he returning to give his report?

This was awarded a Daily Deviation on 24 Feb 2011.

Meeting with Governor by ~trejoeeee

I’m not a Warhammer fanatic, but I understand the different races and types and some of the rules from the odd things I’ve done. So when I saw this, I went oo. Then I saw the Space Marine and went wow! The perspective is intriguing, looking up from the table at the figures standing around. It seems to be a discussion – tactics perhaps – which seems to be giving the man at the far end of the table a headache. I really enjoyed exploring this piece and I hope you do too.

The Lord of the Rings Project by *Gold-Seven

I love Gold-Seven’s work and will probably be unable to choose my favourites if I were to do a feature on this artist. However, this one is just wonderful. A commission piece with my favourite thing requested, the characters all appear to be engrossed in conversations, giving a wonderful organic feel to the piece – as if we’ve just stepped into the room to find all these people in the middle of a party. I could continue to gush about this piece for hours, so I’ll end this appreciation here. Well done Gold-Seven!

Crafty Art:

Not much has been done on the crafty front this week, though at some point I want to crack on with Lord A384’s trousers for Fools and Heroes. Luckily this weekend he is planning to monster, so doesn’t need the full gear – which means I steal his shirt and laugh heartily as I keep warm.