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Last week was a major art update of all the stuff I’d worked on during our annual hiatus. This week is more art and the return of Wow art, with some of the best things I’ve seen this week. I may start showing off my favourite deviantART artists/deviants, so keep your eyes peeled!

Just a reminder that Dragon Mugs are available here!

Own Art:

It’s been another busy week, with odds and ends being made and rendered. Prints are available for pieces marked [*]. Please note that –Mature- indicates any piece covered by deviantART’s Strict Mature warning. If you’re not a member of deviantART, then you won’t be able to view this piece.

Ifan –Mature-

Just playing around with natural poses. Seemed normal enough to not put much on.


A darker, colder piece in a slightly different format to normal. Ifan, Trajan and Alecto heading North. I’m not sure why I called it Despair.

Hunter to Huntress

I got the Kids 4 before the free base vanished. Had been tempted for awhile, but the sudden drop in price prior to the end of the free trial period pushed me to get it. And after a few kinks, I’m glad I did. They’re just so cute!

An unnamed Anjur cradles the daughter of Taynor to his breast after finding her lost and alone in the woods. Sheltering her with his wings he is surprised to recognise the face of the Hunter and realises he holds the reborn Huntress.

[*] House of Orest

The sons and daughters of Orest in a poster. I had a lot of fun posing these to show the relationships between them, as well as working on the costume designs and weapons. I’ve also got Hildi down to a tea, which means she’s likely to feature more in my artworks. Freya is dead by the beginning of the novel and therefore is not shown.

At the end of the road

A bit of Valentine’s Day fun, depicting Ifan in the bath at the end of a long journey. I’ve not done much work with water surfaces, so this was a chance to try something new, as well as use Merlin’s Tavern model.

Wow Art:

Having had a few weeks of non-mentioned wows (there have been wows, just I haven’t had the time/inclination to show them) so here we are, a new set for this week.

Kella by ~ChaseJC

This beautiful picture is ghostly, seeming to morph before your eyes. The concept is interesting and the colours add to the disjointed feel of the picture, which is further complemented by the quote “I have become death, destroyer of worlds”

Feminine Divine by *Goldenwolf

When I first saw this picture, my first reaction was “oh wow, that’s the Huntress” – don’t ask me why, it’s probably because I was working on Sons of Lur at the time. However, reading around the symbolism in this piece, I was amazed by the thought and effort put into such a beautiful piece. The colours are stunning, and the eyes of the owl, woman and wolf are captivating. This has been saved to my inspiration pictures for those odd days when the words simply don’t come – I look at this piece and feel at peace.

Cultures of Nerath by *samburley

This picture made me stop and stare. The perspective is unusual, but gives a grandness of scale to the city, with the beautiful angellic sculptures reminding me of the twin warriors atop the waterfall scene in Lord of the Rings, the waterfall where the company splits in two and over which Boromir sails over in the boat. There is a sense of wonder, of wanting to step through the window to go and explore this beautiful city.

Lost Temple by ~Antares69

I was obviously on a wonderous worlds day when I saw this piece. I was immediately captivated by the view of the temple in the sunlight, waterfalls gushing around it. Who lived there? Where was this place? I wanted to continue along the path and find out, and it was then I noticed the adventurer at the lower corner in the shadow, standing with his gaze on the golden domes. What was his story? Why was he here? I feel there is a story waiting to be told with this piece and it is a joy to loose oneself in.

When the world tears itself apart by =NadezhdaVasile

Now, I am a huge fan of NadezhdaVasile from stumbling over her work earlier last year. Her characters are all amazing and her traditional pieces are stunning. If I could draw like her, I would be a happy little dragon. When I get the money, I want to be able to commission her for a piece –just to have a piece of her work.

This picture features a couple of her less common characters being generally cute. It was done for Valentine’s Day, but I would have been amazing anyway. I get a warm fuzzy feeling with this picture. ^_^

Crafty Art:

Dragon Mugs are still on sale. I’m also working on LARP gear for Lord A384’s mercenary and then I’ll be thinking about making my Physician’s skirts and bodice if I can find the type of fabric I want. If not, then I’ll be making a couple of shirts just for fun.