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Last week was a brief interlude. Something fooloose and fancy free. This week we are much more serious.


No, seriously. This week is a quick character sheet for Sons of Lur’s leading man: Ifan

Character Study: Ifan Orestson


[*] FULL NAME: Ifan Orestson.
[*] MEANING: Ifan is welsh for “gift from god” or in this case “gift from the goddess”, whilst Orestson follows the nordic naming convention and means son of Orest.
[*] NICKNAME: The Grey Wanderer, given for his long grey cloak he wore as a young man.
[*] ACTUAL AGE: 32.
[*] RESIDENCE: Wherever he is posted, though his official barracks are in Stormhaven, Northern Rhegan.
[*] AGE APPEARANCE: Late Twenties, early Thirties. He’s hard to pin down because of his Northern sturdiness and general rugged appearance.
[*] SPECIES: Human.
[*] GENDER: Male.
[*] SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Heterosexual.
[*] KIDS: None presently, though he will father three children in the future.
[*] OCCUPATION: Translator and spy for the King’s Elite.


[*] HAIR COLOR: Light ashy blonde, lightens to almost white in the hot summers.
[*] HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Growing out from a short haircut, he has reverted to the style of his kinsmen – twin braids down his face and a thick braid down his back. At times he braids two additional plaits behind his ears. When down it reaches to his hips. He also has a short trimmed beard.
[*] EYES COLOR: Blue-grey.
[*] HEIGHT: 183 cm or 6ft.
[*] DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES): A pair knotted scar either side of his right thigh are from an arrow wound he recieved years ago. He has a short scar between the lower two ribs on his left side from a knife thrust and another below his right shoulder blade from a failed assassination attempt. He has other cuts and grazes and marks from his life in the field. He has several tattoos:
A celtic knotwork bands on each bicep and a similar tattoo on his right thigh. A small dragon is on his left shoulderblade. He has a quartered celtic circle on his right shoulder, a twisted tri-knot on his left shoulder and a tangled thorny pattern on his chest.
[*] SELF CARE(MAKE UP): He tries to keep himself presentable, trims his beard when it becomes too shaggy and is generally clean, but he doesn’t spend much time preening.
[*] FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Cold and unfeeling.
[*] SKIN COLOR: Pale, nordic pale with no freckles.
[*] BODY TYPE/BUILD: Defined and not obviously muscular, broad framed.
[*] DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Stern, appraising, schooled blankness.
[*] PIERCINGS/JEWELLRY: No piercings but wears a laced leather band on his left arm. It has a small silver disk bearing the clan signal of his father.
[*] DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Deep and crisp, quite pleasant. Carries a sense of trust and understanding and authority. He does not need to shout to get his point across.
[*] WEAPON OF CHOICE: Long sword, bow, belt knife (which is the size of a small sword).


[*] WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: He is cold, quiet and speaks very little. Quite curt if you have said or done something he knows is incorrect or wrong. Gives an impression of very little tolerance of fools.
[*] AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): He still seems cold at times and speaks very little, but there is a gentleness and warmth to his manner. He respects opinions and thoughts and advice and usually acts upon them.
[*] AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Cold, curt, dismissive. He is rarely openly rude, but he will ignore your presense and suggestions. Lots of glaring. Watch what you eat … *joke*
[*] POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Honourable, loyal, caring.
[*] NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Uncommunicative, unable to show emotion, intolerant of fools.
[*] FAVORITE COLOR: Dark blues, greens and silver.
[*] FAVORITE FOOD: Tender meat, particuarly venison. He also enjoys the tart summer berries like raspberries and dried blueberries when added to the fatty travel cakes as sweetness. Also sweet maple sugar.
[*] FAVORITE ANIMAL: The sturdy steppe horses of his homeland. Storm, his cloud-dappled mare has been with him most of his journey from home.
[*] FAVORITE ELEMENT: Water when he can bathe in it at the end of a long journey on the road.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: Firey reds and golds.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Rich fatty food that is served only as a status symbol.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: Shryke. The dark dragon-like monsters of his homeland.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Violins and fiddles. Sound too much like cats when in the hands of unskilled players.
[*] LEAST FAVORITE ELEMENT: Fire. The normal element of mages alongside air. He’s not overly fond of children.
[*] HOBBIES: When he gets the time for it, he likes going for long rides to nowhere in particular or training with his sword or unarmed combat.
[*] USUAL MOOD: Stern, commanding. Generally unamused.
[*] DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: He enjoys the good ales brewed by the Riverfolk and Lowlanders as well as the coarser stuff of the North. But he rarely indulges.
[*] SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: His family and eventually Nyssa. His family is because he is ashamed at the dishonour he has caused them in his past and that his younger sister is still furious with him. Nyssa is because she is part of the home and piece of himself he has been hunting for for 16 years.
[*] OPINION ON SWEARING: He curses with the best of them.
[*] MUSIC TYPE: Simple and full of life.
[*] COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Mild to cold. He grew up in the Northlands where going outside in just a tunic, jerkin and cloak was fairly normal. He can tolerate the Lowland summers, but the Southland deserts are too much for him.
[*] SLEEPING PATTERN: Lightly, with a hand near a blade or his sword.
[*] CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: As clean as he can make himself whilst on the road, though one of his first stops (sometimes before reporting to the duty commander) is the bath house for a good soak.
[*] DESIRED PET: His Ymani trained cloud-dappled mare, Storm.
[*] HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: As he is travelling frequently between the war camps of Rhegan, he spends little time doing things he enjoys. He may partake in a measure of the local ale and watch the men play knucklebones or gamble on other things though he does not get involved. When in permenant residence for any length of time, he trains with the stationed soldiers or Rangers, honing his skills with the sword. He also practises his hand and eye at Kotoranese, Ymani, Miramese and Runic to further his trade, and purchases useful spells and items from merchant mages.
[*] BIGGEST SECRET: He longs to be loved and it’s breaking his heart. But the arrival of Nyssa will set him on the path to happiness and fatherhood.
[*] WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE: Probably a Dragon though he would hate to admit it. He has the lonesome soul and the same degree of honour they possess.
[*] FEARS: Having his tie to someone end up getting them killed. Or killing an unarmed innocent when he’s overtaken by the Bloodfever.
[*] DRUNK TYPE: Coldly angry.
[*] SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: He has no magical potential or ability, but he has a gift with languages and can blend easily with the surroundings or locals, even though he is pale and has distinctive eyes and hair. He also has a natural ability to lead, a strength to him people choose to trust and follow.
[*] DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: He tried to kill his newly born siblings when grief stricken by the death of their mother. He then proceeded to fall victim to the Bloodfever and killed a boy his own age, the son of his father’s steward. He was banished from his family’s lands and cast out. He has also stolen some items to assist in his mission, though has paid for things at a later date if it was clothing or food that he took.


[*] DANGER: Reaches for his sword, even if he doesn’t draw it. He dislikes suprises.
[*] SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: He would be oblivious to the crush, but if they kept pestering him, he would try to get them to leave him alone.
[*] PROPOSAL TO MARRY: It would depend on who asked. If it was anyone but Nyssa he’d fob it off as a joke, but Nyssa would make him very embarrassed.
[*] DEATH OF LOVED ONE: He would probably kill himself or die of grief.
[*] INJURY: With stiff dignity. He wouldn’t allow anyone to know how much it hurt until he could tend to it himself.
[*] SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE: With a raised eyebrow and avoidance.
[*] LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK: Since he works odd hours and doesn’t really get much personal time, it’s likely he’s unconcious somewhere and therefore would react like any normal unconcious person. *drools*


[*] HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): Shyly. He has very little experience in this area. Can be quite tender if called for.
[*] GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Slowly. Think snail slowly.
[*] TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: True Love. Bonded true love. Creates a bit of a problem because of it, but it was sort of meant to happen.
[*] WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Practical. He has spent to long on the road and in camps and barracks to have much understanding of the finer things.
[*] TYPE OF KISSER: Nervous, sweet and gentle. At times he can be passionate and lustful, but that’s very very rare.
[*] ARE THEY ROMANTIC: He tries, but it’s a little hard when your love is bonded to you and you both know each other’s thoughts.
[*] HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Gentle and nervous. Can you blame him?
[*] TOYS?: Never.
[*] FETISHES: None.
[*] S+M: No.
[*] GET JEALOUS EASY: Yes, but only when it comes to Nyssa.
[*] FAVORITE POSITION: Simple and normal.
[*] OPINION ON SEX: He’s not much of a lover and it embarrasses him. He also finds it hard to just go for anyone and avoids the camp doxy like the plague.

This character study was taken from Mavrosh’s journal on Deviant Art