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Last time we had a quick art update. This time it’s a little more substantial.

Huzzah we’re back!


New Art:

We’ve been a little busy recently. With the return of a laptop capable of doing renders and in an attempt to stop myself from being distracted whilst working towards my exams, many renders have been done and new techniques practised to improve the quality of art. Several pieces are now available as prints from Deviant Art, marked with a [*].


I wanted to try something different, something a little unusual. Instead of seeing Ifan’s face, we instead look out beyond him at a sea or lake on a warm day. I was working on a quiet, contemplative piece will no hidden meaning.

[*] Ri’shan Ambassador

The Ri’shan are a cat-like people in a sci-fi setting Lord A384 and I have been working on. This is one of these creatures, standing before a window onto space. She is a technomage, her fingertips alive with an art long lost to mankind.


Ifan has been getting a character redesign recently and I wanted to peg Nyssa’s clothing and “style” down a little more. Here she is battle gear, sword and quiver strapped onto belts at her waist and chainmail on. With her dark hair and pale skin, she suits the darker reds and blacks on her bodice, though a splash of blue with the scarf at her waist is significant to her character. It’s a bit of a spoiler if I tell the meaning, but just know it’s there.

The Sons of Orest

Ifan and Dag, the two sons of Orest. Exploring some of Ifan’s new character design, I wanted to show the similarities and differences between him and his younger sibling. Dag was unaware of this older man who has a right to his Father’s seat, so imagine his horror when Ifan returns.

Trajan’s Gift

Wanted to try to get a dark picture in, working on a multi-media background. The setting is meant to be a waystation of sorts, but doesn’t really feature in the story. I just wanted to play with light settings and poses. Look – sleepy Ifan!

All that remains

Having worked on Ifan’s and Nyssa’s characters, Trajan required an overhaul. So far he’s had no solo pieces, so I took the opportunity to dive into his past. Here, Trajan is casting away the last tokens he has from his wife at her funeral. Casting his familial armband into the fire, he cannot bring himself to give up his wife’s.

An unusual angle for my pieces.

Campfire Circle

The first non-posed picture. This looks like it could be from a film (I wish), but shows the band of travellers preparing the evening meal and tending to the horses. Contains Alecto, Trajan, Ifan and Colum with work done to try and naturally pose the group.

After the rain

Another Ifan piece, working on layering and colour and shade. Ifan is on watch duty after the rain has been and gone. It was fun trying to get all the clothing pieces to fit together and look right, and I am pleased how it has turned out.

The Wulfskarl Rider

A bit of an Alecto rework, with his horse Pipkin. I eventually aim to have a custom skin texture set for Alecto, but we’ll have to wait and see. More work will probably be done on this character, but I like it for now.

I breathe for you

My computer crashed on this before I could save this the first time and I was furious. I wasn’t sure if I could manage to do this again, but I did, and I am pleased with how this turned out.

A bit of Ifan and Nyssa lovey-dovey smoochies! There is some underlying symbolism in that they can’t live without each other, that their fate is already written.

In the heat of the day

Another shirtless Ifan picture. Was working on his tattoo sets and decided I had to do another as reference. The colours are not quite right, a little too cold for what I was working on, but I don’t really mind. I mean, Northlanders are likely to go shirtless in the summer, right?


This turned out better than I hoped. I was working on some manual posing and ended up making another Ifan and Nyssa picture. I think this is quite sweet.

East from the West

I was stuck doing art after my exams and was listening to Casting Crown’s “East to West” on repeat and this picture came to mind. It showed Ifan, broken and beaten and chained to a wall with his arms spread wide, waiting for help. And it made me feel so sad. The picture is not quite how I would have liked it, but I didn’t want to have to put a mature warning on.

This was done as a desktop and has the lyrics “You know how far the East is from the West, from one scarred hand to the other” written on the left hand side.

Snow Ifan

Bit of fun with premade backgrounds and stock textures. Ifan on a snowy day (for once with a long sleeved tunic on!)

D.E.S.T.I.N.Y: Gaelan, D.E.S.T.I.N.Y: Engineer, D.E.S.T.I.N.Y: Sparrow, D.E.S.T.I.N.Y

The D.E.S.T.I.N.Y project, a sci-fi novel on a backburner based on my Nanowrimo09 story. These were done as a set of wallpapers with stylised backgrounds and some ghostly images similar to some types of movie posters. The characters depicted are our resident Technomage, Engineer and Captain and contain the following small quotes:

to all men comes his destiny

in darkness … light blooms

there is always a story behind a desperate man

destiny comes to him who waits

to all men comes a destiny …

What have I done?

Bit of thinking around a pair of characters in the novel, though I won’t say which. Just know he is grieving, ‘k?

"Thank you" the man croaked as he sagged onto Elrik’s shoulder, the dagger in his hand dropping away, "Brother".
Elrik, eyes burning, said nothing as he lowered the man to the floor. He cradled him against his chest as he withdrew the sword that had burned so brightly, that was now dimmed with gore. He flung it away and cupped the dying’s man’s face, fingers tracing the features he knew so well, hands trembling. "What have I done?" He whispered as the man’s breathing came in whistling breathes. "What have I done?"

[*] We are linked, you and I

I love this picture. A symbolic depiction of Ifan (pre-redesign) and Nyssa around the Sword of Lur. They have an important, almost symbiotic relationship which is the central piece around which the novel turns. The colours just make me think of hot summer days.

Defiant until the end

For some reason I couldn’t get this picture out of my head, so thought I would have a go (and yes, this influenced the earlier East from the West piece). Nyssa, trapped, refuses to break under the humiliation and torture she undergoes at the hands of the Dark Lord (name subject to change)

The Lord of Kalias

A BIG render that made my computer cry the first time I tried, so I broke it up into pieces to make it easier to handle. Look – depth!

A future Ifan and Nyssa as Lord and Lady of Kalias. This has no bearing on the Sons of Lur, but might appear in the next book if it gets written.

The Morning Ritual

A sci-fi piece showing the new Star-trek style uniforms I treated myself to at Christmas. An engineer aboard a station starts her morning in the usual way and is midway through her cup of tea. Sat watching her is the ship, joining her as she starts another day out in space. Posing hands around mugs is hard …

The day begins in the usual way. Awaken to the alarm that howls obscenities in it’s delightful cheerful way. Stumble onto the cold deck to hunt prey in the form of boots and uniform jacket. Crawl into the sonic shower. Summon tea from the low reserves of the voyage.
Then sit at the low table by the porthole, sit and take a sip of tea.

Feel human again.

Go on duty.

Wow Art & Crafty Art:

No wow art this week, since you’ve got 24 pictures to look through (did I really make so many?).

BUT a note on mugs. Mugs are no longer being sold here on Wolfish Written. Dragon mugs are now available via Ebay.co.uk with custom mugs available upon request.