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Last time on Random Wednesday (all those weeks ago) we talked about computer games. This time, we’ll be returning to Ithron for another midnight adventure and about spring cleaning. 

It’s that time of year again. The weather is brightening, the days getting longer and warmer (just about). The house has become somewhat cramped with the towering piles of exam notes and unfinished projects and books. Something has to be done I tell you. Something must be done.

Cue spring cleaning.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not a fan of spring cleaning. I do what I can to avoid it, make excuses, move things to other rooms so that they have “vanished” from the place they were before. I even do the dishes (another chore I’m not fond of).

But, the year turns and eventually it becomes too much. I get antsy, cross and generally fussy and then *BAM*. Suddenly I have the whim to do cleaning. And I go all out too – removing everything to dust and polish the surfaces, reorganise drawers that were never properly organised in the first place. Things get new, more permanent homes.

And I feel much better for it. And the world turns again.

But enough about Spring cleaning. Onto more Newcroft adventures!

To celebrate the end of my exams and freedom (yes, freedom I tell you!), I went out for our monthly nightsite. But this time Mercy Blackstaff was not amongst the valiant party. Nay, instead I volunteered as a monster. And oh boy, I had the best time ever! The general bad ass of the evening was new born vampires – very confused people who have not yet realised they’ve died. So expect lots of cries and moans about thirst and cold and hunger and then the whole “grah flesh!” when the party get too close. We also had shambling zombies crossing the road, the usual militia causing the usual problems. We had to phys-rep a pit of bodies and I was the sacrificial maiden – though it decided to rain as I was lying on my back, arms above my head and the general air of pathetic about me.

However, I got to play one of the greatest enemies the society has. A piece of the Great White Lich.

“Say my name” *evil laugh*

*Ahem* – long story short, I was merely a distraction for the party whilst one of our major heroes got to do his last great battle before retiring his character into the ranks of npcs. Poor Hammilcar.

The next one is in a couple of weeks and we’ll see if our resident physic will be able to advance from journeyman physician to the rank of guildsman. That’s where the power is my friends.