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At last: We’re back.

Sort of.

We’re still under hiatus status until the end of my University exams, but I do have a mountain of new art for you to look at.

New Art:

Since the arrival of my new laptop, art has been pouring out. The most recent additions to the deviant art gallery are:

Light in the Darkness

Playing with lights and armour styles for Ifan.

Brave New World

Exploring the galaxy with Sparrow. Expressing some of the wild crazy things Gaelan, the technomage gets up to.

Winters Eve

Ifan on horseback, admiring the winter sunset. Using a background photograph, it was an exercise in lighting.


Ifan, Astrid and Raven. Just messing around with poses and the question of “who is the traitor?” – Astrid, Raven or Ifan?

Sparrow’s Hideaway

Sparrow character concept. Also practising building sections of corridor out of the sets I have, making self contained sets and working with light sources and effects.

Wow Art & Crafty Art:

We won’t be doing any artist features this week, nor crafty updates except to say that:

Wolfish Written is now vending dragon mugs on the website. Custom mugs are available upon request via the contact form.

We are also trialling custom dragon hoodies to select customers.