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Art Friday. Art and arty things.


Last time we talked about doodling dragons which will eventually be released as custom adoptables on Deviant Art or as mug designs to be sold. Will be releasing possible options, with a list of available additions and a list of prices after the New Year.  This week is an uber list of amazing artists because they are amazing!

Own art:

Not much on the art front. With my computer out of commission, I had to bow out of a secret santa gift art thing run by xyz on DA.

However, I managed to upload my latest piece in the form of a celtic green dragon.

Celtic Dragon by ~space-wolf on DeviantArt

Cute, hey?


Wow Art:

Because we’ve been absent for a while, we have a backlog of images to show of. So hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen!

Legacy by ~violentmonsters on DeviantArt

Having been amongst the first to see Tron: Legacy in the UK, I have to include this amazing piece of the main trio by violentmonsters. This piece fits seamlessly together and sums up, I feel, the character’s personalities.

Shadow in Night by ~AlexanderFaolchu on DeviantArt

It was hard to find one particular piece by AlexanderFaolchu to show this week, but Shadow in Night took the biscuit. I love the way his art contains hidden elements, picture, objects that jump out when you look closer – try and find the pack of hounds with our dark rider …

The Outer Shadow by *autumn-ethereal on DeviantArt

When I first saw this piece I thought, wow, what an amazing painting. But looking closer I realised this was a photograph and I was blown away by the quality and spirit captured here. How long did autumn-ethereal stand to get this shot? How long was it planned or was it a quick snapshot taken whilst out walking. I think it captures the majesty and wonder of mountains in snow and makes me think of lonely places in far distant lands in other worlds, such as Lord of the Rings.

Kiss Me Goodbye by ~rurouni-jedi on DeviantArt

I was amazed by the emotion in this fan picture, of two of my favourite game characters (Balthier and Fran from FFXII). Such attention to detail in both costumes is stunning and brings fond memories to mind of playing the game and developing these two in the party as a whole.

Come Under Fire by *angie-mcleod on DeviantArt

Having been a fan of angie-mcleod for a while, I was blown away by one of her latest pieces – the pose and expression, coupled with the effects and her own style of painting grabs the viewer and makes them take another look. I found myself intrigued by the angry mage, wanting to know more about his past and discover his future. An amazing character.

A Kind Of Magic by =zardo on DeviantArt

This photograph of Dunblane has a sense of wonder about it, capturing the lighting beautifully and providing an eeriness that hints at other things. I adore pictures of cathedrals and castles and was caught with a sense of awe at an amazing piece of photography from an amazing artist.



With the run up to Christmas, craftiness was supposed to be based around mug designs and other little doodles, but with the laptop waiting to be replaced and the borrowed one having arrived last weekend, not much has happened. Instead, I’ve been focusing on getting my work out of the way, trying to keep Wolfish Written running as well as investigating some technical things for the future of the site.

However, watching Tron and buying the sound track (which is amazing btw!), the creative juices are beginning to itch and I hope (hope hope hope) that something will come out of the Christmas break other than Dissertation PIR and coursework.