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Randomness commences


Last time on Random Wednesday we lamented the farewell of my laptop and giggled with glee at the larp adventure in the snow. This week is a random christmas/gaming post.

Currently I am sat on the sofa in our lounge watching as my partner battles beasts from the comfort of the floor. Every now and then you hear the odd battle cry, taunt or plea as another member of the party falls to a faint, waiting an arising spell or a tuft of phoenix down (how the feathers of a burning bird can raise the “dead” is beyond me).

Yes, Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII with Kingdom Hearts 1  and 2 are a staple in our house and when we have hours in which to devote ourselves to exploring other worlds, we head on out to Cantha, Ascalon, Tyria and the Eye of the North with our respective parties. Long have we fought, long have we battled, long may we live.

Games play a surprisingly large part of our lives when we’re not studying, working or generally doing the other tasks that take up normal everyday life – laundry, washing, tidying etc. We like to play it like this – one of us sits with the book open, acting as road map and general help mate whilst the other sits, swears and goes forth to do battle. Sometimes the helper takes over, either by sorting out drinks or coffee or if they have the faster reflexes (particularly in FFXII quickening chains), work their magic on the game. Sometimes it’s comical. Sometimes we want to throttle the tv with it’s own cable. Sometimes we’re the voice of reason.

Christmas is around the corner. And yes, hasn’t it come round fast? I would, if I could, gift you all with a cute Christmas dragon who is currently locked in stasis with the rest of the other things on a backup DVD. When I sort out my computer, he’ll appear on the site. Along with any other thinks I think need reworking.

As of January (or whenever I get myself sorted), I will be offering a custom product somewhere (still working on the mechanics of how it’s going to work and other stuff like that). Depending on the response of my (captive) test audience (read family and friends).

So have a Happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate!