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Writing Monday is about the projects belonging to Space_wolf and other such things.


Last week we talked about Prince Malek and Alrissa. This week is not a couple, but they are important characters.

Trajan Sooleneye, Lost Son of the Tanglewood.

  Name: Trajan Sooleneye

Dreamcast actor/actress: David Wenham

(Faramir, Lord of the Rings)

Age: 32

Race: Denaran

Defining Features: Loose copper hair, sad green eyes, freckles, archer’s calluses on right hand.

House (if placed): Rangers


Trajan is an ex-Ranger, something that doesn’t or isn’t supposed to exist. He has a troubled past and his happiness came in the form of Ifan’s younger sister Freya. In marrying her, he becomes part of the Thane-sworn, obeying the will and whim of the Thane or his representative in all things. After the flight from Cradlewell, he promises to serve Ifan and follow him on his journey. He has a dislike of horses.

Where did he come from:

Trajan is from my usual ranger character. But the character differs in that he has not had the happy past of my other characters and I see elements of Nicholas of Ravensguild in him. He just appeared one day as part of the latest draft and has proved to be invaluable since.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Because Faramir is the inspiration of Trajan. ‘Nuff said.


Alecto, the Farmer’s son gone wild.

  Name: Alecto

Dreamcast actor/actress: Hugh Dancy

(Aiden, Blood and Chocolate) 

Age: 29

Race: Lowlander

Defining Features: Almost permenant confused expression, one green eye, one amber green, short dark hair, soul patch, scarred limbs. Has a startled way of moving.

House (if placed): Rangers


Alecto is the unfortunate second son of a Lowland farmer, considered wild and broken for the gift he has been given. But he is flawed, unable to turn like the other shapeshifters and unable to turn back. He prefers to act alone, acting as courier and messanger for the Ranger Tower at Gilthaven, three miles from his old home. Older brother to Taynor, he feels responsible for her well being.

Where did he come from:

When I was working on Taynor (as a NaNoWriMo option last year) as a main character, her family sprang into existence. He is sort of the reason she is/was a Ranger but he has gone from being the odd, quiet, mysterious older brother who vanishes and then returns to whisk her away (also dropped the age difference to 7 years) to becoming the constantly confused/panicked looking loner who has an important role to play. If he had to be one of my previous characters, he’d probably be David Watergate, the old water mage – the boy just growing into his powers. Of course, Alecto’s not a boy.

Why the Dreamcast?:

He has the boyish look of complete oblivion. Also, Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes look like they could be related (I know they’re not, but there is the look of on-screen family about them).