Heaven forbid I should ever be too old to tread in Narnia, to walk it’s winding roads and visit its ruins.

If you can’t tell, I went to see the latest instalment of Narnia after university today (and thank heavens Caspian dropped that dodgy spanish accent!). And oh, it was beautiful and enthralling and just as it should be. I’m just surprised there were so few people there.

Watching Narnia and reliving the adventures of Lucy and Edmund Pevensie, I have found myself craving those good old adventure books of old. I want to breathe them in, travel the road with good friends, fight beside them in the battle with the witch, sword drawn and ready. I want to walk beside them and simply be, for a moment, a child again. Perhaps I will meet myself, tucked amongst those well thumbed pages, a younger, smaller version of myself from days before. Do we leave a piece behind when we close the book, a piece that captures what we were before?

I have turned to a fairly new favourite, having soared above strange lands aboard the Jerle Shannara with Bek and Ahren to find myself lost amongst the pages of the Dragon Master (amongst all the other work I have to do), learning to fly with Hal Kalias and his bitter tongue.

Oh my friends – I think when I go to my room and see all my books – oh my friends, which one of you shall I visit this month?

So, when I go home, I think Lucy and Edmund, Aslan and Caspian, Susan and Peter and Mr Tumnas all deserve a visit. I think I’ll pack my snowshoes …