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Last week we talked about Gretham and Taynor. This week we introduce the Crown Prince and his lady wife.

Prince Malek, Crowned Prince of Rhegan.

  Name: Prince Malek Iskarran, aka Falcon

Dreamcast actor/actress: Sean Maher

(Simon Tam, Firefly)

Age: 28

Race: Rheganese

Defining Features: Dark hair, neat beard, blue/grey eyes, braided leather circlet

House (if placed): Royalty


Falcon, or Prince Malek, is the only child of Queen Morla and the River Prince Garett (joining the low lying river areas of the country to Rhegan). At birth, he was predicted not to survive after the death of his identical twin, but he survived. From the age of seven he has had a body guard in the form of Elrik, a Protector-twin who is trained alongside the Prince to act as decoy or to reign as regent upon his death. The two are not close as Elrik has his dragon, but they understand what is expected of them. He has close friends in Taynor and Gretham and is recently married to Alrissa.

Where did he come from:

I’m not quite sure, as I’ve not really ever done a proper princely character before. I think he has elements of the Templar Lord out of the Elemental Trilogy (sticking by his men, not having a HUGE ego, being down to earth). He came into being when I was working on a less Ranger focused draft where I introduced the Dragon Riders and Elrik, with Gretham in the role of a Lord or Knight, where Gretham was actually the mage.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Sean Maher’s character in Firefly had the authority and standing of being a nobleman, but he still got his hands dirty when he had to. He’s also got a quiet face and there is some sadness there – he could probably play Falcon beautifully.

Lady Alrissa, the Queen to be.

  Name: Lady Alrissa, soon to be Queen of Rhegan.

Dreamcast actor/actress: Eva Green

(Sybila, Kingdom of Heaven) 

Age: 29

Race: Rheganese

Defining Features:Long dark hair, very pale, cold eyes. Very authorative.

House (if placed): Rangers


Alrissa was a leader amongst the Rangers, having a flare for authority and a cold, calm intellect. It was a suprise when Falcon (as Malek was known amongst the Rangers) proposed to her. His mother doesn’t approve, and so Alrissa is still waiting to become Queen. She sees little of her husband and prefers the company of a few select members of court, particularly Kormark’s apprentice Brejik. Though there are whispers about her, whispers of a darkness that is concealed within. And Alrissa is not quite what she seems.

Where did she come from:

Alrissa only really came to form with the redrafting of Sons of Lur, when the Rangers were actually formed, pinned down, defined. She was once nice, a good leader who was just a little cold. She’s developed since then (not everyone can be sickly sweet all the time) and has begun to have a darker feel about her. I can’t say too much otherwise it might be SPOILER SPOILER time. But lets just say she has an element of an old Dark Sorceress in her from the elemental trilogy and that she is a delicious character to work on. Also as Queen to be, she has amazing clothes.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Eva Green has an exotic, otherworldly feel, which fits with the character I want Alrissa to become.