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Random Wednesdays can also be sad.


Last week, technology was discussed to the point of frustration. Today will be a sad post of dead computers. Oh, and happy things like last weekend’s LARP.My computer died earlier this week. It was playing up for a bit, but was behaving decidedly odd yesterday when I was trying to update some software. Long story short, I took it to the University people who tried their best but couldn’t save it.

Because it’s all snowy up here (more later, I promise it’s good!), it makes getting things very difficult. So I’m waiting until I go back to my parent’s for Christmas before getting a new computer. It’s only another couple of weeks, so not too bad.

‘Cept for you lot. Yes, you lot out there.

This means that, unless I can “steal” a PC on the odd evening when I don’t have coursework to do (*dies laughing*), I’ll try and update.

So, as a cautionary warning, Random Wednesdays and Art Fridays are on hold for the near future. Writing Monday’s will continue, but be prepared for broken links and dodgy formatting (for some reason my site likes to mess around with tables …)

That is all …


Larpy larpy larp larp.

This weather, though bleeding cold, is perfect for adventures in Ithron (the UK in Fools and Heroes). We had our monthly night site last weekend and because of the weather, the mission was a little different to the one our ref had designed, but never fear adventurers … we had a cunning plan.

The mission was one to go into a valley to the north of Newcroft on the borderlands to, erm … take a look at why this dodgy enemy has moved out. Seriously … they just vanished! We were, unfortunately perhaps, a group of fresh things who had never heard of this villianous group, and so were therefore clueless.

In the party along with Mercy Blackstaff (journeyman physician, thanks to the advancement at the halloween party) were several mercenaries, an elven mage, an elven scout and an alchemist/mercenary (who had sold all his decent potions much to Mercy’s horror). I was “gifted” the use of a long staff (something I will purchase in the long term) from the vleyboran church (read, the guys couldn’t find the stick kit) and we were away.

This mission was a little different to the last one – for starters we had 4 enemies (later 3 when one retired for the evening), so we had less “OMG they’re behind us” moments, and because of the nature of the route we take through our gaming site, we did little fighting on the usual slopes, keeping it instead to the wider paths where if someone fell, they’d only roll a little. That’s not to say that some members of the party did some … daft … stuff. (it was the scout!). Because we had to wait for the monters to move on, we did a bit more interaction. Some people smoked, some people nibbled on “rations” (read, chocolate bar) and others spent the time rearranging their skirts (okay … just me then). We did have a huge battle at the end where we were out under the moonlight in a large open clearing and it was a battle! We won (yay!).

We had some funny, very cleverly thought out moments – like a stone guardian that reacts to noise (Mercy, for future note, the international sign for “make some noise!” is this *flails arms and mimes stamping feet*) and the usual drunken watchman, with bartering with foulspawn, an ice bridge that “collapsed” and the appearance of some shady fellows of a bad church.

This watchman moment was particularly funny (seconded only by me acting “unconcious” after being hurt during an encounter and my supposed protectors lifting me bodily to carry me somewhere else. I giggled all the way as I tried to walk and was being dragged through the snow) – our scout had gone off to find out who was singing merrily to themselves. We waited, then decided to go and see. When we got there, we talked to him a bit and as this fellow got more and more suspicious of us, we clobbered him with my stick. As if on cue, our scout bursts from the brush behind him, daggers out, skids across the road and then stands, staring at us as this guard drops. Turns out he’d had a near miss of being in the pond as he slid down a steep hill. Oops.

If you’re in the UK and this sounds like something fun for you, go to the Fools and Heroes website and search for your local group.