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Writing Monday is about the projects belonging to Space_wolf and other such things.


Last week we talked about our hero Ifan and his Lady Nyssa. This week it’s another of our favourite couples. 

Lord Gretham Woodbourne of Illoy, Captain of the King.

  Name: Gretham, Lord Woodbourne of Illoy

Dreamcast actor/actress: Will Kemp
(Prince Velkan, Van Helsing)

Age: 35

Race: Lowlander

Defining Features: Long dark pony tail, rough stubble/beard, amber green eyes. He has the sense of wariness and wildness of a wolf. Some scars and a set of pack marks.

House (if placed): Shapeshifters


Gretham is the elder brother to Elrik and is the oldest son of the Lord Archmagus Kormark. He has the shapeshifter’s ability and served with the Rangers until his Father rose to power as the Archmagus. He was transferred to King’s Guard to protect the prince during his Father’s illness and was selected as King Malek’s Elite upon his ascession to the throne. Malek and Gretham have been good friends for many years and it is Gretham’s deepest honour to serve as Captain of the Elite. He is married to Taynor and is expecting his first child.

Where did he come from:

Gretham is, or rather was, my chief shapeshifter Harold in the Elemental Trilogy, a poor soldier who ran afoul of powerful magic which transformed him into a wolf. He could take human form sometimes, but ended up being the butt of jokes of not being able to understand anything. Gretham is one of my older characters and grew out of some other ranger fantasy stories which Rhegan itself sprung from. He wasn’t always going to be a Lord, but he was always going to end up with Taynor (somehow) and when Elrik was introduced to add a bit of … interest, he fit as the older brother.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Because Will Kemp as Velkan is yummy.

Lady Taynor, Herbalist to the Queen.

  Name: Taynor, Lady Woodbourne of Illoy

Dreamcast actor/actress: Claire Danes
(Yvaine, Stardust)

Age: 22

Race: Lowlander

Defining Features: Dark hair with “earth’s blood” highlights, forest green eyes, a calm, sensible nature

House (if placed): Rangers


Taynor is the younger sister of Alecto and wife of Gretham. She served as a Ranger during her youth, recieving training sessions with Gretham in forest living and tracking. She appeared to have no apparant “skills” but after showing promise whilst helping the court physician during a hunting accident, she was sent to the palace to study herbs and potions. She became Olman’s apprentice and in turn replaced him as physician to the Queen, Malek’s mother. She is a close friend to the new King and rumours have it that she could have been crowned queen. She is expecting her first child.

Where did she come from:

Taynor was present in previous starting drafts of Sons of Lur, as a temple maiden, as a Ranger who assists Gretham and as Gretham’s student during Ranger Training. She has always been one with the earth, but I never found something for her to be good at like the others until I placed emphasis on Ifan as main character where she grew into the young matron who served in the palace. Its nice to also give Malek a friend, tying the three together into something that will serve the plot in the future.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Claire Danes has a face that speaks of calm and thoughtfulness, with an inner stillness. Taynor was probably one of the harder characters to choose because she is still half formed physicially in my mind.