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Fridays are about art – Space_wolf’s and other  peoples.


Last week we had edible art through a pudsey bear cupcake as well as other amazing artists.

For Children In Need, our department at university did a charity bake-off. There was lots of cake, lots of tasty things and prizes. We raised over £200 in selling the cupcakes and I had a “Highly Recommended in the category of Cupcakes” and came 2nd.

Own Art: 

Sons of Lur WIP mini Poster by ~space-wolf on deviantART

Playing around with a movie style poster for Sons of Lur. It’s only going to be a A4 poster unless I figure out a way to expand the finished product without compromising on resolution. A mixture of characters, major and minor players. I’ve tried to capture the feeling of them, in pose and posture and lighting.  It took me around 48 hours to render the piece of Ifan and Nyssa, other characters varied between a couple of hours and overnight. I still have a few people I want to include, mainly the Dragon Riders and the other members of the Five.

Wow Art:

A Dream of Grace by *puimun on deviantART

Puimun’s ghostly picture of a classic chinese/japanese folklore – the story of the fox maiden – is haunting and beautiful. Delicate colours and exquisite details capture the story locked inside. The painting style reminds me of some of Michael Morpurgo’s book covers.

Free to Fly by ~tigrin on deviantART

I have to admit that tigrin’s animation made me cry. The story of many people’s childhood, of giving up the imaginary world you have created to avoid people picking on you during highschool. However, there is a happy ending. Towards adulthood, many artists, once happy within themselves, recapture their muses and imaginary friends from before. Or they let them go off on even greater adventures. If something strikes a chord that brings me to tears, I know that they have created a wonderful piece of art.

The Failed Spell by ~lockjaw on deviantART

This picture made me smile, a puzzled wizard scratching his head with his beard smoking gently after something has gone wrong. Lockjaw’s piece is very amusing and an interesting mix of digital art and traditional acrylics.

Crafty Art:

Not much. Maybe more nearer christmas. Got some cross-stitch patterns on the go and aim to do a set of three to hang in the house. Also been working on some custom mug designs and some ideas for adoptables/game designs.