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Writing Monday is about the projects belonging to Space_wolf and other such things.


Last week we talked about Lore and Kalen (with character pictures too :D). This week is another character sheet, this time of our hero Ifan and Nyssa.

Ifan Orestson, Thaneson of the North.

19979_sam-anders-16-crop Name: Ifan Orestson

Dreamcast actor/actress: Michael Trucco
(Samuel Anders, Battlestar Galactica)

Age: 32

Race: Northlander

Defining Features: Short blonde hair, short goatee, stormy blue eyes, clan tattoo rings on arms.

House (if placed): Mountain

Ifan is the eldest son of Orest Sigurdsson, Thane of Cradlewell and brother to Hildi, Freya, Dar and Astrid. He is a wanderer, having left home for around 16 years before crossing paths with a lost young woman and travelling north to bring her to her people. His mother was known to have an almost unnatural feeling of the world around her, which has translated in part into her children. Ifan has made few ties to others in his past from his unwillingness to be weak. His travels have taken him across the lands of Rhegan, Kotorai and Karesh, with a few small journeys across the sea. He is wary of magic and appears to have little or no potential himself. However, he is (as every hero should be) an important part of a great future.

Where did he come from:
Ifan is my number one man. Mostly my old Ranger Nicholas of Ravensguild, with the dark and dangerous undercurrent. He’s not bad, nor evil, just dark. He’s from my love of Celtic, Viking and early saxon and scottish cultures. For once he’s a blonde, which very few of my characters seem to be.

Why the Dreamcast?:
Michael Trucco plays a very strong, grounded character in BSG with a destiny/past (no spoilers here I’m afraid). He is tall and rugged and with a few blonder highlights, he would make an excellent Northlander.


Nyssa, the Lost One.

 18682294 Name: Nyssa

Dreamcast actor/actress: Sienna Guillory  (Arya, Eragon)

Age: 23

Race: Unknown

Defining Features: Slim, elfin with long straight dark hair, glacial blue eyes.

House (if placed): Water

Nyssa is an enigma. Found in a southern Temple on the border of the Tanglewood, with no memory of before, she is lost amidst the world. Travelling north with the surly Northlander, she is trapped between the not knowing and the knowing. She seems to have developed a connection with the close mouthed blonde and hears and sees things during difficult nights. The Dragon Lord of Telmara seems to know something of her past and she does not yet know who to trust – the Northlander and his family, or the wild eyed Dragon Lord who can see into her head …

Where did she come from:
Nyssa is the lost feeling I sometimes have when I realise how things are falling away. She is the compliment to Ifan, quiet, calm, collected – introduced through the characters like the Dream Weaver and the firemage from the elemental trilogy (Ceri Fire-eyes). She’s also developed from various other female characters, calm and quiet but strong underneath.

Why the Dreamcast?:
Sienna Guillory played a dragon/fantasy princess in Eragorn. Not a fan of the film, but I liked her no nonsense character. Plus, she can pull off dark haired look.