Art Friday is a mixture of oo and ah for the week.


Last week we had Lord of the Dance fan art plus some amazing artists. This week we have something a little different.

Own Art:

Not much. But I did do something:

Pudsey Bear by ~space-wolf on deviantART

It’s a pudsey bear cupcake for Children In Need. Our department were doing a charity bakeoff, so I thought I’d make some and take a photo to show you guys. I placed 2nd with Honourable mention in the cupcake category.

Now, other art …

Wow Art:

Eldred The Raven by =nathie on deviantART

Nathie’s painting knocked me off my feet. This very sultry man is one of her original characters and wow. Celtic looking and wild, beautifully painted, this piece is definately one to admire. And drool over. If only …

Cute Black Dragon Hoodie by *calgarycosplay on deviantART

Not quite art, but still amazing, calgarycosplay’s dragon hoodie had me scanning the site for the order form. Then I realised it was a custom order. Adorable and an amzing piece of craft work, it makes me consider getting a dragonified hoody (since I don’t trust myself to make one well). Hrm … Idris red or Celtic green?

holy crap thats a lot of elves by ~questionstar on deviantART

Firstly I go wow. Then I read and go WOW. Each picture is an individual character portrait for something questionstar’s been working on for years. Ooo wowza! I particularly like the gryphon shape shifter and the “ice maiden” councilwoman. This is a masterpiece of love and dedication and deserves a round of applause. I look forward to the time the book comes to print.

Crafty nonsense:

Crafty stuff is on hold for the near future. Got some Christmas gift designs to do and get shipped. Also: DRAGONS!