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Random Wednesdays are as random as they get. 😀


Last week we looked at whether characters are alive. I don’t think we came to a conclusion. This week is a short look at things I like.

When someone asks me what is my favourite something, be it colour or food or film, I pause. It’s not that I don’t know, I do, honest. But I don’t know all the time.

Some people, at the drop of a hat, all the time know what they like. Purple. Chocolate. Monsters Inc.

But what I like depends on how I’m feeling.

Today, the answers would be: the colour of the sky just before dawn (inky/greeny/almost blue), chocolate pancakes (homemade and shop bought) and King Arthur (just because I watched it recently).

But, ask me again what I’d want when I feel like the sky is falling in, that my body has everything wrong that can go wrong and I’m bringing up interesting coloured snot (true story), then I’d have to reply: dark charcoal grey, soups of all varieties, coffee with (lots of) sugar and one of my Studio Ghibli collection – The Cat Returns or Spirited Away.

  • I will always say Dragons unless a favourite animal has to exist (they do! I swear it!)
  • Colours are usually greens, blues, silvers or muted greys.
  • Films drift from old childhood classics to rip roaring feel good films (How to Tame your Dragon being prime suspect here)
  • Smells vary from fresh coffee, baking, Christmas backing (all that mixed spice you know), fresh cut grass, the world after a heavy rain storm or those creme brulee candles.
  • Music is always dependant on what I’ve been listening/craving for. Currently it’s Christmas carols because we’re doing it at choir. Last week it was Celtic music and folk music.
  • Food is similar – right now it’s chocolate pancakes only because its what I found when I came home today, bought by my caring partner (having spent the entire day for the third day in a row stuck in 9 – 5 lectures because they can’t keep to a timetable and we miss lunch was not the happiest person).

This is probably the most random post ever. 😀

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