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Last week we talked about the peoples of Karesh. Now, I know I’ve not finished the countries and background of Sons of Lur, but I thought to take a look at some of our people.

Lore, Dragon Lord of Telmara.

  Name: Lore

Dreamcast actor/actress: Max Benitz

(Peter Calamy, Master and Commander)

Age: 42 (outward look of 22)

Race: Northlander

Defining Features: Mid-length dark hair worn in a pony tail, clean shaven, cool blue eyes.

House (if placed): Dragon Rider


Lore is a native of the North, Lord of the Dragon Tower of Telmara and an old servant of Hodi, brother of Morag (Ifan’s mother). He appears to have not aged since the time he was taken as Rider of Lore, and in the intervening years has acted as teacher and mentor to many riders in his wing. He has been lover of Morrow prior to her bonding with Elrik and has a strong bond with the Prince’s Arch-magus Kormark.

Where did he come from:

Lore did not exist really until the decision was made that a guiding figure early on in the book was required, someone to fill the reader in on the workings of the world without overloading them. He takes on the role that Lorik had during earlier drafting, but as Lorik got older and more a fatherly figure, Lore became more important. His relationship with Kalen is the sort that as I writer I hope I have with others – kind, caring, loyal and a protector whilst harnessing the inner struggles of fear and indecision.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Max Benitz has a face that can be older or younger than the actor’s actual age. Plus I think he rocks the period look and would look good in flying leathers and tunics.


Kalen, the Great Blue of Telmara.

  Name: Kalen

Dreamcast actor/actress: Richard Roxburgh 

(Count Dracula, Van Helsing)

Age: Unknown

Race: Dragon

Defining Features: As a dragon he is of european type with eastern style dragon whiskers, varying shades of deep blue with silver eyes. As a human, he is tall and imposing, dark hair swept into a long archaic ponytail and the air of imposing stillness.

House (if placed): Dragon Riders


Kalen is the Great Blue dragon of Telmara, the Guardian of the North. He is the eldest of Lorik’s offspring and kindred to Morrow, Jarl, Ambrele and Ixniis amongst the seven Elder Dragons. He has served as a bonded mount since the time of the Long Night and has had only a handful of true Riders, though he has been with Lore the longest. He has no children of his own.

Where did he come from:

Kalen came out with the introduction of Lore, a quiet dark shadow behind the Rider. He is an extension of Lore himself, forming a guiding voice as well as providing Nyssa with a barrier to overcome. He is, I hope, the protecting instinct found in most people, though also the calm voice that states that there is nothing to fear.

Why the Dreamcast?:

Richard Roxburgh has, as Dracula, the voice I hear when I write Kalen’s lines. He also had the look I think Kalen would have as a human. Also, he pulls off the dark prince look.