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Art Friday is a time to gaze at the week’s creative offerings. And that of others.


Last week was all about the crafty things we did for the LARP event at the end of October. This week we actually have art! (I know. Its like, a miracle!)

Did you stop and remember yesterday? Did you pause, put down what you were doing and think about the past at 11:00? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I’ll tell you. 11th of 11th of 11th. 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month. 1918, World War I ended. Armistice day. Remembrance Sunday jumps around depending on the year, but on the 11/11 time should be taken to remember. Just for a moment.

Now on with the art.

Art in the Week:

You’ll be pleased to know I actually got art done this week.

Ifan: Lord of the Dance fanart by ~space-wolf on deviantART

A bit of fan art for you. We went to see Lord of the Dance this week (eee! finally back in the UK!). We figured it was around 13 years since I last saw it (based on the old programme so give or take a year). 13 years! The music is toe-tappingly brilliant and the story requires no words. I wasn’t happy with the updated costumes or the removal of the old soloist songs, but I still have the old CD.

So I was sat, watching the dance troupe tapping away, whirling and twirling and I had the sudden image of Ifan and Lore larking around. Now, these two are Northlanders. Seemed to fit with the old style costumes, with Ifan as the Lord of the Dance and Lore as his nemesis, the Dark Lord. ‘Cept Lore didn’t play ball when we got home and it ended up being one of Ifan instead.

All parts are posed from a picture of the classic pose in the old programme – no bought poses used. Clothes are supposed to represent the old Lord of the Dance costume (roughly).

Also an excuse to show Ifan with no shirt on and show his tattoos and clan band off. :D. You love it really.


Wow Art:

Winter Dragon by =Lumaris on deviantART

You know I love dragons. So is it any suprise that Lunmaris’ dragon is in here this week? The colours are wonderfully chosen and the whole feel of the picture is amazing. Keep up the good work gal!

The Promised Womb by ~LunarShore on deviantART

This picture speaks to me of rolling hills and an underlying fantasy story. LunarShore has obviously pulled out all the stops for this beauty and its hats of for this artist.

Monday Morning by =o0oLUXo0o on deviantART

All I can say is wow. Wow, because I thought this was painted. Seriously. o0oLUXo0o has obviously spent alot of time waiting for this shot and it’s just perfect. This picture is going in my inspiration box for those times when I need glorious mountains and the feeling of “aaah”


Crafty Projects:

Not any this week. I mean, well … nothing cloth based. Working on a book cover for Lord A384, but apart from that this week has been a bit dry on the creative front. Likely to be this way until late December.