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Monday’s all about the writing. Plus background on the project.


Last week we talked about Ifan’s people, the Northlanders. This week we’re heading far south (so break out the sun tan lotion) to visit the citizens of Karesh.

And: my dream cast just got a new face: Michael Trucco as Ifan. Imagine him as an ashen blonde.

Karesh (Kareshian / Kareshese)

The country south of Rhegan is a place of deserts and heat, stretching from the border islands of the Miramese pirates to the Deep Desert of the Bentu. It’s peoples are wide and varied, with skin colours ranging from pale olive to deep rich chocolate.

The capital is Ses’al’hadril-nar or Sesa, meaning “daughter of the sea” due to it’s coastal nature. It is also known as the Crystal City after the Academy within it’s walls and it’s natural abundance of sol-crystals. The Academy holds the Great Library, home of many old texts of the time before and the great tomes written during the Golden Age of Magic.

Some of the Ethnic groupings:

Miramese – sea faring people claimed to be pirates by the traders that lose their goods to the sea.

K’tal – the most common of Karesh’s people.

Sesculi – oasis based settlements, leaving the most permanent settlements. Prolific traders. The saying is that if you went to market without a goat and come away with three, a sesculi is counting his money, implying they are good at selling things people don’t really need.

Bentu – Deep Desert nomads


The Academy at Ses’al’hadril-nar is known as a centre of learning of all magical arts, even the “forbidden” ones. Students who enter the academy train to become magicians in a set of ranked professions and are tested for ability throughout. Each rank is named and graded. If a magician wishes to advance a grade in his lesser profession, he must first advance in his primary profession.

The school is run by the Gran Vizier, the highest ranking magician amongst the Kareshian order. Currently this is Gran Vizier Jesul, Priestess of the Goddess.

The school has no servants, employing golems crafted by Golem craftsmen. This is to stop human servants who are uninitiated from being exposed to some of the more dangerous aspects of magic. Golems are usually part of a retinue of a higher ranking magician living in residence within the Academy towers.

Ranks are as follows:

0 – Initiate

1 – Novice

2 – Adept

3 – Journeyman / Layman

4 – Crafter / Weaver (Do they handles spells or not?) (This is the highest a second skill is allowed to be graded)

5 – Master (Master Crafter is sometimes used for particular fields)

6 – Walker / Warden (dependant on domain – are they working in the field or stationed in a settlement?)

7 – Soulwarden / Farseer (Walkers become Farseers)

Vizier  – title given to Magicians in authoritative positions, usually in the Royal Court or in the Academy. Chosen by a council of peers. (Sometimes Soul is added to the title of a senior ranking Vizier – for example, Gran Vizier Jesul was once Soul Vizier when she was Priestess in charge of the summoning tower in the academy)

Gran Vizier – Given to a select few, typically to the Magician in charge of the Academy


Current Kareshians:

Layman Colum apt Sul – a K’talian magician from a small town on the border with Rhegan. He has an ability of reading the earth (geomancy) but his real gift is with making golems. Both are counted as blood magics (geomancy because it involves the reader entering a state of heightened sensory awareness via a dangerous alchemical potion that can trap the user, and golem making because blood is mixed with the clay to imprint the owner and creator into the golem). An old “friend” from Ifan’s previous travels, he has no interest in leaving his workshop let alone travelling north into the “frozen wilderness”. The running joke with him is that he has little tolerance for cold.