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Fridays are about art and about the art we’ve seen this week.


Last week we talked about the crafty projects that had been prepared for the Halloween LARP session. And I promised you guys pictures. Of pretty pretty dresses.

Own art:

Ah … none. With the splitting headache and pulsing ear drums, focusing on anything more than the work I have to do, art and writing are on the back burner (the non-drowsy cough medicine makes me sleepy).

Wow art:

NaNoWriMo – 1 by *philob on deviantART

This is so cute and dinky and made me laugh. And although I’m not going to be doing NaNoWriMo (and it hurts to say that), this made me smile. And I quote:

NaNoWriMo Participant 2010 – I will write you into my novel and kill your character if you disturb me for any issues that are not life-threatening.

How awesome is that?

Fantasy Sunset by *dolphy on deviantART

Now, I love Dolphy’s art. And I love unicorns and dragons. So when I found this beauty in Dolphy’s gallery, I was all “yay!!”. You need to check out her gallery because it has the best style – disney and yet not. The colours used are always so beautiful and I have to say I’m envious of what she makes. Keep up the good work, Dolphy!

Halloween Parade by *IsabellasArt on deviantART

I’m not one for shadow puppets, but this one caught my eye. IsabellasArt has crafted something so amazing out of whatever it is made out of. All the details. Wow, I mean, go look at the details. The little mouse! The rider, the banners. All so delicate. Deserving of a wow moment. Wow.


Quickfire photos from last weeks LARP event. More will be added at a later date and submitted to deviant art.

The dress was handmade using olive taffeta (overdress and pouch), ivory satin back crepe (lining and underdress), gold ribbon and braid along with metal eyelets. Pouch includes olive needlecord section.

Additional accessories include leather belt, wooden celtic cross (character’s Holy Symbol) with hemp twine and wooden bead.

The doublet was made using navy blue cord, green ribbon, navy cotton (lining), dark leather cord and metal eyelets.

Accessories include purchased white synthetic pirate shirt.

And because it’s halloween, we carved a pumpkin for all you boys and girls. ‘Tis a scary dragon face. Rawr.

Also: Happy blow things up night. We’ll light some fireworks for all you lovely folk.