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Well, here we are again – another writing session with information about Sons of Lur


Last week we looked into the Denaran. This week we’ll cover the Northlanders, Ifan’s people.

And: Sons of Lur “dream” cast list can be found here.

People of the North (Northlanders)

The people of the North exist in the barren wastelands just north of Rhegan’s populated cities, but south of the Great Teeth that crosses the northern provinces.

The Northlanders are a mixture of wandering hunters and smaller fixed settlements secreted amongst the folds of mountains and smaller hills. The peoples exist in familial clans, swearing allegiance to a set of lords chosen by the king. These lordships can be hereditary, though the King still has the final choice.

They are typically of celtic colouring, mostly shades of blonde or red with paler eyes.

Both men and women train to use swords and other weapons, but only men are considered true warriors unless they are sworn shield-bearers of their Thane. Shield-bearers are bound to their Thane for life, living and dying by his word. It is up to him who can wed and bear children, so to become a sworn Shield-bearer is a great honour and burden.


Currently named Northlander settlements:

Cradlewell – Thanedom of Thane Orest, father of Hildi, Ifan, Freya, Dag and Astrid.

Telmara – Dragon Tower of the Northern Province, under the command of Lord Lore and Kalen.


Current Northlanders:

Ifan – Eldest son of Thane Orest, our fairly grumpy wandering hero. Having left home after the birth of his younger siblings, he has travelled the realms of the world as the “Wanderer”.

Hildi – Eldest child of Orest, Hildi is a sworn shield-maiden, awaiting the release from her duties by her Thane.

Dag – Youngest son, twin of Astrid, anticipated heir to the Thanedom.

Astrid -  Youngest daughter, twin of Dag. Called the “moon child” due to the paleness of her skin and hair with her vacant expression.

Freya – Middle child of Orest, married to Trajan. Wheras Ifan, Hildi and Astrid have blonde hair of varying shades, Freya’s is rich coppery red.

Lore – A northern son, though now the Rider of Kalen. Dark haired with intense dark eyes.