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Due to a mixture of “issues” based around the time involved in a University block module and a time critical craft project, Wednesday’s update was a non-starter and Friday’s was at risk of non-existence. However, here we are.

Note from the Author:
Oh boy – she’s done it again. When I get some time to think (and breathe), I’ll be creating a buffer for moments like this. I’m sorry that this has happened again, but this is something we’ll be correcting soon. We hope. Cross your fingers and pray people!

Right then, a double poster for you.

Random Wednesday: Last week we looked at films and how it affects our writing. This week we’ll look at how time, that elusive devil, works. It’s a bit of a rant, so apologies here.

Art Friday: Um … last week was … um … we didn’t get one in. So we’ll try and make up for it this week (honest)


Have you ever looked at the clock and gone “woah, when did it get that late?” or looked out the window and then been amazed at how early it is (I’m still adjusting to winter time, so I frequently go “wow, I thought it was later” since I’m getting up in the dark and getting home in the dark. Hooray for the clocks changing this weekend (an extra hour in bed on a Sunday morning. Ah, bliss!)

Time has a slippery aspect – when you’re running to deadline, it slips right through your fingers, cascading around the room like spun silk and has a living quality – note to self, do not send the dragon to go and catch it in a jam jar – the little bugger has a habit of scattering everything around the room and not catching time. Remind me about this when I end up at 0100 in the morning watching my serf partner wielding a powerdrill and hammer, putting 18 eyelets into a doublet. Gorram eyelets.

But, sit in a lecture, it slows to a crawl, every grain of sand falling through the hourglass hanging for an infinity in space before crashing audibly on the slow growing pile of golden dust. Ever had that? It is such a frustrating thing, particularly at the moment when we have week long block modules from 0900 – 1700 and then group work to fit into the lunchtimes. You don’t get to stop. You don’t get to regroup. You don’t get to pander to the annoying little red winged muse who keeps squeaking from your rucksack, waving that beautiful leather covered notebook in your general direction. I’m resisting temptation to sit with it on my lap, since I sit near the front, but sometimes … oh, Idris, how did you get in there?

It’s particularly frustrating when you keep trying to write more novel (also, shout out for LORD A384 for finishing his first draft of his novel) but time just keeps slipping away. Its partly due to the amount of work we have to process as part of our degree (can’t wait for the week I get time to think again), but also all the little things (not including our epic craft project btw) – like laundry (or lack of it … *guilt*), washing up (again … *guilt*), food shopping, other commitments or having to sleep. Yes … the latter is a right stealer! Whenever I think I’ve managed to snag five minutes, a moment or the odd hour (luxury!), something pops up.

The landlord’s coming.

Did you get that email I sent you?

Can you help me with this?

Dinner in five.


I have the feeling that my deadline for a book by next summer is pie in the sky. But wouldn’t it be nice?

ART FRIDAY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS: Night of the Honoured Dead approaches!

Own art:

None this week: got a new wallpaper idea in the works, but haven’t had time to work with this. I did, however, join a J/C Voyager fanfiction group (guilty pleasure *fangirlism*) and submitted the first part of my own J/C fic called “In Memory”.

Wow art:

Time for the wow. Here it is:

Link by ~super-fergus on deviantART

I like this one by super-fergus – his expression is so intense it’s electric. I’m also in awe of the paintwork and details included, particularly the shading and glow effects. His other stuff is amazing and well worth investigating.

TET no.17 by *thuyngan on deviantART

Now, you all know I have a thing for oriental art. It’s so amazing and ee! I love how thuyngan has blended the hair into the plant and the graceful pose of the girl.

Wait for me at St Elen’s Cross by *Gold-Seven on deviantART

Gold-Seven’s art is something I love, not least because it’s celtic based. A small section of this was used as her DA Journal Header for a while, so I was very pleased to see the large version when it was re-submitted. Her art is typically watercolours, though she does tidy her linework up using a computer and then printing the dark lines onto special grade paper. (Now, if I could do that …)


Now then …

This weekend is Halloween. If you didn’t know, then where have you been?! The members of our F&H group are running an In Character party at one of their houses, so I’ve been frantically trying to finish a whole host of craft projects to kit us out for the event (and to survive those cold winter gaming sessions. Remember the green dress from last year? Well, consider it now finished. Eyelets and golden braid and all.

Also crafted a doublet, a long dark robe (good for hiding in and staying warm) and a pouch for bandages, potions and other useful things (read money and mobile phone).

Photos to follow (if not at the party, then before … I will have evidence of my handiwork gosh darn it)

Have a good Halloween, y’all!