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Writing Monday is all about Sons of Lur and other interesting things. Not to be used as an apology for missing another Friday update (!)


Last week we looked at the Kotoran people. This week we will cover the Denaran, but first, a message from your sponsor:

Art Friday #3 did not happen because the author is lazy and useless and cannot organise her website for toffee (payments accepted in the thornton’s chocolate coated variety). The schedule will have to be reaccessed with filler material prepared for the future. Apologies for the delay.

Did you know I’m “casting” Sons of Lur? You may or may not agree with the current choices, but take a quick sneak peek at the list here. Some characters may change as sections are written, but between you me, it’s an oscar winner for sure …

Denaran are not from a particular kingdom but are an ethnic group within the Kingdom of Rhegan. You are either a Denaran or part of a group of Denaran.

Denaran are a nomadic group within the bounds of the “Deep Forest”, the thickest heart of the Tanglewood, an area where travellers are warned not to tread and normal, sensible people keep away from. They are wary of outsiders and their ways, tending to avoid contact with the “unenlightened” world and tending to the Hunter’s Temple in the Tanglewood. This is not to say, however, that the Denaran can’t be found in the cities.

Denaran are recognised by the leafy, viney green spiral tattoos on their shoulders and up their necks, sometimes with patterns of leaves and shadows across their cheeks and down their noses. Some of the high ranking men and women are completely covered, leading to the myth of the green men and women who inhabit the forest. Their clothes consist of woven forest materials, dark and natural leathers along with other clothes dyed in forest colours.

Trajan is a son of a Denaran but was brought up by his Father in Caeris.

Denaran are fabled to be masters of forest craft and some of their members teach some of the Rangers in this art.