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Here we go again, a wander through the rambling musings in the middle of the week.


Last week was all about books (and how tasty there were too), so this week we’ll be talking about how films can influence your thoughts.



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I’ve never really thought about how the things we see affect the way we think until earlier on today. We’ve got a module on enterprise (don’t ask me why, since I see the sense but spending all day on it hurts) and when I asked a question about copyright (since I don’t want to be screwed over, dear readers), one of the lecturers asked what the novel was on. I described it as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings within my own world (probably less succinctly, but that’s beside the point).

Why did I do that?

I’m not exactly sure. The novel is, and probably always will be since the publication of those great books, a Tolkien-esque book. Anything involving a quest and magic and plight and stuff will.

But I wasn’t thinking of the books. I was thinking about the films, thinking of a way of describing the book in terms most people would understand. Perhaps I dumb down the description, but there have been lots of people who’ve looked at me blankly and been like “whut?”

So – films.

I know that after watching certain films inspiration strikes me and I go and hammer out some more, or fix another few character “dream-cast” actors (Master and Commander was a good one for that) or do something. It’s mostly after those good swashbucklers – you know the ones I mean, classics like Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Kingdom of Heaven, Dragonheart, Highlander and some such. Men and swords. Men and women with swords. Monsters. The “oh lordy lord” moment.

Maybe that’s why I LARP

But it’s not just the action that gets the blood pumping and the desire to write that wretched scene where your hero comes face to face with the enemy army. Alone. Unarmed (seriously, how did you get there?). I find it’s the scenery. The bleakness of the sea, the creak of the sails. The gloom. The rolling hills, towering mountains, desolate crags. That one section of wall with that tree in the dip from Robin Hood (like … that’s near me!). Even the forests of the new Robin Hood film (oh gawd … I could have drooled over all that costume stuff. Maid Marion would be handing it over for Mercy Blackstaff. Practical skirts! Armour! Boots with low heels!!). I think I’m a sucker for good costuming, but from having researched costumes for myself, I vaguely know what kit my characters are wearing (though mostly the men … darn good tunic that)

Humans are a very visual people – body language, pictoral languages, memories described in terms of images and feelings. So perhaps my muse works the same, and films feed it just as they feed me.

And who knows … maybe Sons of Lur will be the beginning of the next Tolkien. Perhaps the next defining era of fantasy fiction will be the Charge.