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Art Friday is all about art – the art in the week, the art that makes you go oo! and other arty/crafty projects. Like mug designs, odd cross-stitch breakdowns and some such.


Last week we didn’t make Friday. We made it Saturday. Oop. So this week we’ll see what I actually got up to. We think.


Okay, so this week art has been slow. I don’t know why, I don’t know when it’s going to stop and start again. All I know is that I have the odd thing floating around and when I want to focus, it goes *poof* and its bye bye idea. The same has happened with Sons of Lur – I think Lore has called a tea break and no one came back to restart again. Maybe if I go and take a look they might be crowded around the back steps with the odd cigarette and oodles of empty cups. Seriously guys, come back. (we love you!)

But – good news! I’ve tweaked something I worked on towards the end of last week and uploaded it for your pleasure.

The Last One Standing by ~space-wolf on deviantART

All I know is she’s alone, the last of whatever she is, alone in the dark of space and the lights have gone out.

Wanted to do something in space and get the feeling of zero-g and floating that I’ve struggled to get in the past. I hope that, by building this up piece by piece and repositioning her slightly every time, that it works. Does it work? I hope it does.

There’s a whole load of other scenery behind what you can see – I actually modelled part of the shaft so that I could light it and not get funny reflections coming through from behind. It’s all capped off so that the light behaves reasonably normally – and then I changed how I was going to light it, and I don’t think it’s too bad.

Ah well, hopefully more luck next week.


This is the WOW section, where I show a few snippets of my personal favourites to you.

This week we have a couple of artists who’s work has made me go ooo! eee!

Plotting and Planning by *NautilusL2 on deviantART

Okay – first of all NautiliusL2 has an amazing art style – and this picture just made me giggle so much. Capn’ Jack and Capn’ Norrington. Oh it gives a girl the vapours. (Hee hee, I’m a Norrington fan)

Crystal Symphony Dreamcatcher by ~Obscuri on deviantART

Obscuri’s Dreamcatchers are magnificent. Beautiful. I’d love to know how they’re made!

i’ll OMNOM you by *Ray-omg on deviantART


When I say Ray-omg’s picture I shrieked. I thought it was photo manipulation until I read the comment. I have seen these type of things kicking around, but this one is the sweetest and the most cunningly done I have seen. Oh poor little foxy boy! Don’t eat him!


In other news – my robe project is almost finished, just got to raise the hem so the ends don’t trail on the ground and do the same to the sleeves after I stitch up the arm holes of the inner to the sleeves. It’s so heavy I only hope it’s going to be as warm as I hoped when I wear it. The doublet I’m making is on it’s way, though an emergency fabric shop might be in order.

Also I’ve got a cross stitch ticking along – doing bits and bobs whilst watching tv.

My new waterskin should turn up tomorrow after I go and collect it from the Royal Mail sorting office (largish packages get sent back because we weren’t in …) and I’ve got round to labelling my phys-rep potion bottles. All I need now is a few drops of food colour in some water and we’re there!

Don’t forget about the merchandise in the store – an awesome mug of awesomeness featuring Idris (you know you love that dragon), along with Piko design shirt with the new Wolfish Written logo, catching a falling star.