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Random Wednesdays are random. Seriously, they’re random. Who knows what we can expect from this place!


Last week we talked LARP (or rather the new LARP I’m part of).  so I thought that this week we’d talk about something a little closer to home: Books



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I like books.

No. Wait. That’s not quite right.

I love books.

I adore books.

I devour books. (omm nomm nomm)

When I was younger I couldn’t wait for holidays. Not because I didn’t have to go to school (though that was a bonus), but because my Mum would make us stand on the landing with our backs to their bedroom door and our eyes closed to avoid glancing in the mirror and she would give us our holiday books.

Now that I’m older I realise that Mum put alot of time into finding nice books for us. And that she gathered the books together in that cupboard for birthdays and holidays and for the odd time that we’d go “Mum, can we have a new book?”. During my A-Levels these requests would drop to almost never because I’d be reading the books I’d gotten the last time or something small that I’d read a hundred times before because I couldn’t afford the time to afford the time to get to know the characters.

I like books that sweep me away. Whoosh!

The ones that grab you by the ankles and give you a good yank into their world. Robin Hobbe and her Assassin/Farseer trilogies? Love her. Tony Brookes and the Shannara books? Yes please. Terry Pratchet and the denizens of Diskworld? Maybe not, but I’ll take what you’re giving.

All of these have such beautiful worlds and amazing, engaging characters.

I would love to write something like this – I doubt it would ever come close to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but I can always dream.

When I was younger, I had a set of books I could just read in a day – light reading, something to do. I knew the stories so well that I could probably hear a passage and tell you what was to come next. The characters were old friends – each time I read them I knew what they looked like, how they acted and already knew how the story would end, who would get with whom and who we would mourn and which one would turn evil or do the right thing in the end. But I still loved to travel with them, the journey on through life and to read their stories.

Alanna is still a constant companion, having traversed my GCSEs, A-Levels and the duration of my university course. As has Ayla and Jondalar (though they’re infrequent travellers through the lands of my imagination). Takeo and Kaede have taken me away to the land of mists and honour, where the bamboo grows tall and thick and the world is filled with oriental flair. I have wept, raged and laughed with these. In some cases I have witnessed the birth of their children, the loves, the losses.

I can close the pages on these worlds and return to my own with a lighter step, catch glimpses of this other world in the mirror or window when my mind wanders and know that if I need them, I can find these friends again amidst their pages.

I love books.


I adore books. The worlds held therein.

So the next time you feel the need to take a breather or if the world is just that little bit too much, reach for your favourite book and feel the welcoming arms enfold you. And then begin again

“… All these things Alanna knew from her father’s books and maps, but the reality took her breath away as a paragraph written in a book never could.

Coram led the way to the courtyard beside the stables. Here servants awaited the arrival of guests, to show them to their rooms, to guide the arrivals’ servants and to take charge of the horses. One such servant approached them.

Coram dismounted. “I’m Coram Smythesson, of Fief Trebond. I’m come with Master Alan of Trebond to begin his service at Court.”

Tamora Pierce (1983), Alanna: The First Adventure. pg 19 – 20

Ooh, it doesn’t get any better than that!