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So what has the wolf been up to this week? Here is the rundown of the latest updates on Space-wolf’s deviant art account, a snippet of “WOW” from her personal favourites and other crafty projects she’s got herself tied up in.


Because of the new start at uni, things haven’t gone quite according to plan – so no new art, not much story and no showcase this week.

Watch this space for future updates (I swear this schedule is going to work …)

In other news I also bought a sewing machine and am in the process of making a black robe and a doublet for the Fools and Heroes campaign (We’re heading to winter … I’m not foolish). Finished products will be shown at a later date, modelled by our fabulous model.

Also: NEW designs over at the store – an awesome mug of awesomeness featuring Idris (you know you love that dragon), along with Piko design shirt with the new Wolfish Written logo, catching a falling star.