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As part of our new MWF updates, we’re bringing you a bit of random insight to the world beyond your screen. What does Space-wolf like to eat? What madness has she caused this time? Who was that masked man …? (who knows?).

Expect random silliness, thoughtful things and the odd bit of fan girl enthusiasm as Space-wolf purrs over her latest and greatest …


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This week’s topic is: The Weekend’s LARP

This weekend I joined a LARP society. Sort of. I went along to the Fools and Heroes meeting down in the local “park”. I think we can call it a park, except it’s epic. Like … huge with lots of cool features and scary tunnels and bridges here, there and everywhere. We have an amazing park.

It also goes on for miles and late at night nobody goes there. So once a month, the local Fools and Heroes branch meet down at the bottom, gear up and go adventuring.

In the dark.

With no torches.


I, being new, got to go along with my brand spanking new character: Mercy Blackstaff, Apprentice Physician from Kirk Leigh (which is the other name for my … home town). She’s scared of the dark (a bit), is armed with nothing more than a stick (seriously. One LARP-safe stick) and a few bandages and she’s travelling with Lord Grumpyboots (not his real name), the new dwarf, two Scouts (one of whom has authority issues, the other just was really really good at hiding(!!)), a mage who’s the questionable scout’s younger brother and the goodly doctor (whose history appears to be not so goodly).

Now, I was sort of prepared for the darkness. And the fact that people in masks will leap out every now and then, growl a bit, lunge at us and mock battle ensued. What I did not realise was that when you’re in the dark, everything becomes that much scarier.

Though I did not shriek like a girl when they first came at us. And I did clobber one of them shouting “subdue subdue subdue!”. My character is a Vleyborian and isn’t allowed to kill anyone, so all I can do to defend myself is a: run away screaming after having tried to reason with an orc that violence is bad or b: carry a stick and knock ‘em senseless. I like to combine the two.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing and are in the UK, go and check out the Fools and Heroes website.

During the game we had many encounters. Most of the time the scouts would run on ahead. One would not return for a while. Then one would appear out of the bushes and talk to the Black Knight who was travelling with us. We’d then be told that there was an ambush ahead. Or a possible one. We encounter foulspawn. Who taunt the knight who gets angry. Negotiations break down. We are attacked.

Myself and the goodly doctor run for the trees at the first sign of trouble (better a cowardly healer than a dead one) and stand very still and very very quiet. We had a couple of monsters come look for us, but didn’t look too closely – find a big tree and cover up with your dark cloak and voila, instant camouflage in the darkness. And then when it was all over, we tended to the wounded. No one died, you’ll be happy to know.

And so, from LARPing I will now make a dark black cloak of hiding (+1 monster) along with a doublet and trousers for the F&H In Character Halloween party. My mercenary friend desires a blue doublet.