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We survived! Yes we did.

Lord A384 and I are back from our jolly holiday in the back of beyond (well, just to Kielder actually) where we were nibbled by midges, aggressed by trees and dunked in the drink.

Kielder Water (for those of you not in the know) is the largest manmade body of water in Europe. And that’s big. It’s about 27 miles around (via the lakeside way) with a variety of towns, tourist places and one of the UK’s National Scout Camps on it’s own little peninsula. We went to the Scout Camp (where we went earlier this summer) and pitched our tent in a lovely green part of the forest. Firstly there was no water at the local tap, but the tap in the carpark was working (I guess they didn’t want to have to supply the entire network for one set of campers), but then, as we sat cooking our dinner on a roaring open fire … it began to rain. And it not just rain but howl a gale. So we retreated to our tent and sat listening to the wind wailing, the trees creaking and the rain hammering on our tent.

And what was when the lovely green became a big pool of mud into which we gradually began to sink.

The next day we moved the tent after our archery session (I got bowman’s blisters and popped the one on my middle finger). We also did some kayaking and canoeing on the reservoir (and I discovered that I still have no balance in kayaks and I went in as I was trying to gracefully get out of the little fidgety boat). We also went walking, saw the hawks and owls at the bird of prey centre down at leaplish (what a name!) – because there were so few of us, we all got to have the glove on and each of the flying birds came to our fist and we got to get really close to them! Did you know that there are different coloured bird eyes which tell you when they can hunt? Or that owls close their eyes when they feed to protect them? It’s why they don’t peck, they nibble as they try to find the food. They had an 18 week old Tawny owl who kept calling for food and was a little clumsy. We also leant a hand to help finish the new wooden benches for the camp fire circle (I just burnt stuff. I’m no good with tools) and were allowed in the lodge in payment. Oh joy! Warm bed and central heating! And an en-suite shower!

As you can probably tell, we were both well chuffed with this and that I am a lady who likes her creature comforts (oh that shower was excellent!)

Also – the t-shirts have arrived. Keep your eyes open for action shots!


I was looking through my saved projects and found that I hadn’t rendered some of them. So here is a quick touch up and render:

In Hiding by ~space-wolf on deviantART