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Okay. I broke the schedule.


But since the Tri-weekly updates aren’t due until October, there’s nothing to fix. Yet.

On another note, have you seen our new fancy wallpapers? No? Then where have you been? We have wallpapers now in the section under Projects. Go on, hover over the menu bar and you can see we have a Sons of Lur page and a wallpaper page. Current sizes are 1200×900 (larger than normal resolution) but other sizes will be made available as soon as I make them (I’m still working on how to resize canvases digital) (that made no sense – I’m not doing the stuff traditionally then digitally messing with it … never mind)

We currently have wallpapers of Trajan, Elrik, Colum, Gretham and Ifan. That’s it for the main Clans/Houses of the Sons of Lur (I need to think of a better name, but elements don’t quite work). Up next will be some of the ladies with the additional characters. And then I’ll take suggestions …



Sons of Lur

Sons of Lur is … getting nowhere. A few touch ups have been made to the first few chapters (mainly to pass a long train journey) and these need to be updated on the digital copy. I have the problem of ideas-ideas-ideas but no time-time-time (sorry). Maybe if I get some fresh wild air running through me and get lost in the forest for a bit, I might get back in touch with my more elusive characters.


I’m going to be away for the next week. I’m going camping again and actually taking a holiday rather than going with Scouts or down to my parents. Actual holiday. I probably need to take it before the return of university and the beginning of the job hunt