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What can I say? This week has past with the blurry whoosh of “where the hell did that go?”. I’ve been to the beach. I went to the Laing Art Gallery. I even spent the day making bread.

But no art.

But Wolfish Written now has it’s first t-shirt design. The “Idris” shirt is available in white or dark colours, in both women’s and men’s sizes. The white shirts have the Wolfish Written address on, so in case you forget when you tell your friends, its there”!

Isn’t he cute?

We also have a new wallpaper page under the projects menu selection. There you can find a fetching Trajan wallpaper available in standard computer scale. This may have a tiny tweak, but right now it’s there for you to download and display on your computers at home.


These past few days have allowed me time to reflect on where I want this website to go, where I want my creative projects to lead. It’s the start of the new academic year for us university students at the end of September and I have decided to turn to some form of regular updates. These may go awry very quickly as I realise my mistake, so don’t hold your breath. But as of October, we will have regular MWF updates with some extra weekend titbits for you.

Monday: Writing Monday, updates on the Sons of Lur project and other such plans.
Wednesday: Random thoughts, ideas, updates on nothing much.
Friday: Art Friday, with the week’s uploads to deviant art available with a section on amazing pictures I want to share with you.
Weekends: If something important comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Hopefully this will allow me to keep this site alive and to perhaps get some work done. If there are any anticipated weeks where I know I won’t be able to get stuff done, I’ll let you know.

This Sunday marks the return to the normal life, with renewal of sung services and practises. Bring on the madness.