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Oh my. It seems I have abandoned my readers yet again and forgotten to upload anything. Oops. And with a title like that, it seems I have a lot to tell you.

So to make up for this, here is all the new art you’ve been looking for:

The White Rider by ~space-wolf on deviantART

I Think You Made A Friend by ~space-wolf on deviantART

As you can see I’ve been spending a little less time on Sons of Lur art and more time on just being … I like unicorns and centaurs, ok? And having finished reading The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz gave me a craving for a little more “classical” fantasy. Besides, I have unicorn morphs that I haven’t used yet.

I’ve also been trying to create more scenes ala Bad-Dragon. His latest, A Night At The Tavern is fantastic.

A Night At The Tavern by *Bad-Dragon on deviantART

It’s alive I tell you. Alive. So many people, so many expressions. This guy makes so many beautiful renders and really captures the motion and atmosphere within. And so, therefore, I have to continue to show you his fine works.


I finished work on Friday, so went out for a meal to celebrate (that’s why there was no update) and my partner’s brother and friends crashed at our house on the Thursday. We were sort of expecting them, but we ended up in the pub watching the football (bleh) and then the boys had a long and heated discussion about maps and suitable walking routes etc. Having several guests made me tired and a little crabby, partly because they were loud and juvenile, but also that I lost the use of my work room whilst they were staying (I know, I know. I’ve been spoilt). So no arts. No story. Nada. Grumpy Space-wolf.

And last but not least:

I also found this Q&A sheet on Pyrochan’s Journal. So here it is, filled in of course:

– Food I can’t live without: Cake. In all it’s myriad and wondrous forms. And yes, I’m counting the filled doughnuts as cake.

– The last movie that made me cry: Toy Story 3. It just did. Rings so true to what I had to do a couple of years ago.

– Favourite drink: Coffee.

– Type of jewellery I usually wear: Silver coloured. Out of habit I now have a ring and my watch which I never (almost never) go without. But if I’m not wearing my engagement ring, I’ll turn around and go back for it. Feels wrong to not wear it.

– Celeb I’d most likely fight in a deathmatch: Hrm … since I don’t know celebs, I’d probably go for any annoying whiny ones who make girls feel fat even when they’re not and make a huge deal over their latest “boyfriend”.

– The last activity I’d be doing if the world ended in an hour: Curling up with my fiance. Or getting married if I hadn’t done so already.

– The place I’d love to live: Somewhere where there was mountains, heather and a huge lake (probably scotland or wales) and where there was no one else except me. It’d get the stories going.

– Something you’d find in my pants pocket: My key wallet. Which I found when I was helping sort stuff at my parent’s. My mum was thinking of sending it to the local hospice shop but it was just too me to let her have it (it’s proper japanese leatherwork and lacquer. My granddad must have brought it back some time ago from a trip). And from having to always have the office key to hand when I was working, it’s become my only item that lives in my pocket.

– A movie that I’ve seen a million times: The last unicorn or the princess bride. They are both still amazing films even if I killed them for my parents.

– The type of balloon animal I’d create: A snake. Twist, twist, twist, poke. Tada!

– My favourite superhero: I used to think Gambit was amazing when I was little, though nice-Jean Grey is now better. 
– A super power I’d most likely choose as my own: Either flying or being able to write with my mind – just have to picture something and whoosh, a written page describing it occurs.

– My favourite fairy tale: The old Japanese ones – like the snow maiden.

– The 1st thing I’d pull from my house if it were on fire: My laptop. It’s my baby until I have one.

– Something that makes me smile: When my partner does something goofy and sweet, like bringing me coffee without being asked when I’m working late or making “care” packets out of foil and chunks of chocolate and mint imperials. Such a dork, but I love him.