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I’m reading an awesome book at the moment. In fact, I’ve been reading several awesome books at the moment.

You already know about Exile’s Burn and Fire in the Void (go check out Elaine’s website), but I finally finished “Rides a Dread Legion” by Raymond E. Feist (Part 1 of the Demonwar Saga) and got to pick my next conquest. Hmm, choices choices. From having moved out of my student “pad” into more professional housing, I’ve managed to find space to have a row of bookcases in my workroom. This is fantastic as now I can see all my books that have lived in boxes for the past couple of years.

And so, I’ve started reading “The Dwarves” by Markus Heitz. And boy is it good.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I read crazy fast. Usually, if we have anything to read off the board at Uni, I’m done before the lecturer has finished talking us through it and have been making notes all the while. I devour books  (om nom nom) and have a habit of starting a book one day and if I get the chance, finishing it the next. It’s quite frustrating to some people (though I don’t know why). So I got a reasonable way through “The Dwarves” before the end of yesterday. It’s fantastic – grand on an epic scale and I was getting a little upset that the book was going to tail off at the end as it appeared we were getting to the main goal. Oh ho, no. I should remember that you can have goal upon goal, so I was very happy when they reached their “goal” and our main character was given another one. Yippee!

I also made stuff yesterday. Mushroom soup and poppyseed rolls. Mmmm.


I’m having problems navigating Lulu. They aren’t exactly helped by my computer having a hissy with the wireless intranet network at work, but the main problem is the site is hard to work around and questions seemed to be answered by the community, not the creators. Urgh. And so, having been asked a question, and not know the answer, I go looking for the information on Copyright.

I don’t want my stuff ripped off by someone else who’ll profit from my hard graft. I don’t want to put all that work in and have someone complain that I’ve ripped them off without having some form of legal backup. I do trust people. I just don’t trust the ones who think to make a quick buck by screwing everyone else over. (Grah grr argh. SHE HULK SMASH puny copyright infringers … *ahem* yeah, about that …). At the moment I’m dealing with some other external problems which make me really twitchy about legal stuff and finding out who actually owns what and where their ownership extends. I could always apply of copyright myself, but what do I do then about using the other self-publishing lots on the internets?

Now, I would choose another site over Lulu if I could – but there don’t seem to be any unless I was to start printing it myself and getting it bound here at the university or at one of the local companies – which would make it really really hard to get anywhere. CreateSpace seems to provide a proper, professional service, but they’re a little more complicated since they are an American based print company and they don’t have UK printers and require all sorts of other details that I have to apply for through the US system– but they seem to actually do a good job of it. I don’t have to worry about this just yet, of course, but I thought the hard part was writing the novel. I’m obviously wrong.

If anyone knows of anyone who might be able to lend me a hand in puzzling through this – please let me know!


Just another reminder that there are two Polls on the site – I really want to know what you think about a scheduled update system AND the content of the site. Yes, this is my personal art and writing site, but I want you to let me know what you think. Don’t be shy, please let me know.

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