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Well, no new arty updates for you. The wallpaper is coming along, but I’m not so happy with some of my characters – some morphs and stuff don’t seem to be working, so I’m doing some more thinking. I tried stitching a couple of them together to get a feel for it – it’s not too bad once I get three on the backdrop, but I need to think of what the background’s gonna be so I can re-render in Daz 3 and then manipulate in Corel. The Celtic knot-work is proving tricky too – since me and computer generated curves don’t seem to work so well. *shrugs* I broke out my Celtic art book and had a go at doing a couple of their patterns – they look okay when in small pixel scale, but when I scale it up to make the border, bleh. Bleh. It looks awful. So I’m going to make a set that just … block print together. I wish I could get them to interlink properly, but I’ve probably chosen the wrong pattern and may need to take another look at it. 🙂

In other news, Seraphim2150 got those important A-Level results and is off to study computers in the autumn. Go over there and take a look at what he does for a hobby. Way to go, bro!


I know I’ve been all “yay” for Elaine Corvidae before on Fire in the Void – an AWESOME piece of science fiction available for free on the web, but you need to read it. Because I can’t afford any more treats this month, I downloaded the prequel “Exile’s Burn” to read. I hope to get both it and the sequel when the second one is put to print, after the usual crowbar period (okay. Not crowbar … final editing)

Fire in the Void is a sequel, but has been designed to be read alone with having read Exile’s Burn. Having stumbled across this, I sort of wish I had read Exile’s Burn first to be with Rat and Neva from the beginning because they are both amazing characters. It’s one of those stories that reels you in page by page until you’re up all night trying to find out what happens next. A third novel has been mentioned (“Inferno”, coming 2011), so I’m really looking forward to what happens next.

Exile’s Burn is the original. Rat’s memories have gone majorly AWOL and Neva has just joined the crew of the Exile, under Captain Iluka. Now, I know how this is likely to end, but I’m still caught up in the story. The characters are just so damn real – I feel for them, I want to know them. I wanted Iluka to walk into the Captain’s Council and knock heads together, felt sorry for Drake having to try and cover for her and felt a huge wave of relief when it turned out the stuff he was making up was actual true (way to go Drake). Elaine has a way with her stories, you can tell she loves her characters and the worlds she creates, even the nasty sides of it. It’s been a while since I found myself so caught up in a story and it’s fantastic.

It also makes me want to write SF (no, down muse. Bad muse. No more inspirational treats for you)

So, go and head over to Elaine’s websites, check out her books and buy them (guilty as charged, your honour. I will agree with that statement that I have not purchased any of Elaine’s books. Yet.)

And on with stories:

Sons of Lur is continuing on. I’m currently on track, getting around a chapter done a week (or there abouts). It keeps stretching longer and longer as I find my planned chapters generate particular knots that warrant more focus. So we’re on Chapter 4 and we’ve not quite got to Caeris yet (but we have got to Telmara). Random bit characters keep popping up, luckily not trying to take over, but definately appearing. My notebook keeps getting the odd scrawl when I name people so that I don’t forget. I also introduced a character who wasn’t going to appear for ages, but where he is he needs to be. I can’t say more without giving away hints, but lets say he can help unlock Nyssa’s past. (spooky “oooo” *waves hands dramatically*)

I’m not sure how I’m going to start introducing the other viewpoints of the additional subplots. I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it will start making it feel clunky and disjointed. Oh well, on with the book.