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Writing Sons of Lur all the time for Deviant art submissions takes up a lot of limited space. And it was either that and him being called Traj or SoL. I think I’ll stick with SoL.

I hadn’t intended to do Trajan. It was supposed to be Alecto or Taynor. But instead, Trajan (being a character currently written about) requested more of a face. So I gave him one.

This was done in a bit of a hurry last night, having spent the day cursing a new burn I gained whilst wrestling with the bread machine before breakfast (not something I’d advise) and a new bruise I found near my elbow. It makes typing and writing in general quite painful since it starts below the elbow and runs up my arm in a tender line to a point on my wrist that keeps moving. I also came home to an empty house, but that’s another story.

WIP SoL Wallpaper Trajan by ~space-wolf on deviantART

So – Trajan. Another member of the SoL houses, he accompanies Ifan on his journey. So maybe he does deserve a place on the wallpaper. I still have some tweaks to make – but this is a WIP.

Putting them together has produced an interesting effect. I’ll have to correct this before making the final one – layer them together more and create some smaller images to go along the bottom LOTR style. I didn’t think that composing this sort of thing would be too hard, but it is. It is I tell you. So many tiny details I don’t notice as I build each character that I now need to correct and funny textures and grah. I need to figure out a background too! And now I need to layer them together.

How do normal artists find the time to do all the things they need to do and get their art done?

In case you’re concerned and are about to start trying to get information out of my muse (don’t! He’s innocent!), stop. My partner’s gone away for a week with Scouts and left me alone at home. Its an odd sensation and not one I want to repeat too soon. It affected me enough to have a deep moving need to call my parents, something I rarely do (sorry).

But it does mean I can sit and focus on stuff. I just have no one to bounce ideas off.

Hopefully I’ll have some more rough WIPs for you by the end of the week – I have Colum, Gretham and Elrik to do, to then think about composition (one problem is Ifan’s sword sheath on his back. Either it’ll smack Trajan in the face, or it’ll look odd when layered. Hrm …)

I also need more questions for a FAQ and I’m adding a poll to vote on updates and content. Please share your views, people 🙂