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Greetings Earthlings. How was your collective weekends? Mine wasn’t bad, but I won’t bore you with all the details or whingings.

Instead, I bring you art:

WIP Sons of Lur Wallpaper Ifan by ~space-wolf on deviantART

Cute huh? Well I had a cunning plan and thought to make some wallpapers for Sons of Lur (also to intoduce some of the main characters – at least the men anyway.  Each panel is currently 208x900px (but I’ll probably be making some more normal sized ones) and I had to do Ifan first. Just look at those blue eyes 😉

This is a WIP – I have some colour corrections, material tweaks and a background to make – plus stitch five panels together to make the final thing – then tint and do whatever else I can think of.

I just had to share this with you because I’m so excited about it. Each panel will have a member of one of each “house” with a key colour background.


Maybe I could make some bookmarks of this? I mean … I’m not going to finish this sentence …

Comment aye or nay for potential bookmarks being made available (for free or for a small fee)