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What inspires people? Do you know what inspires you?

Some days I have nothing. Nada. Just an empty space in my head that I go to and sit and listen to the rare sound of nothing. I rarely find a time or place for silence in my life. Perhaps I don’t make time for it. Or perhaps I make too much time for my characters and my muses. Even now, as an adult, I still have names for all my old cuddly toys back home along with all their stories and personalities. All tucked away in a box in my head. I also have my own ones here – Idris, my red Welsh Dragon and Toothless, my hand made, misshapen HTTYD plushie. Idris has also morphed into a form of muse, partly because I can tuck him into my lap when I work and have him around. The way he’s made has leant to him being cradled and he’s the right size to fit snugly in my arms – he’s a special edition TY Beanie Buddy or whatever the large beanie babies are called – Y Draig Goch, the Red Dragon (I figured it out by reading a menu in Port Merion and figuring that Goch meant red after working out which the Red wines were – odd child …)

But I’m off topic.

My empty days.

Then there are some days where I don’t get silence. Outside people want to talk to me, I have a list of to do things a mile long, my concentration is shot to pieces and I jump around doing odd bits of things and feeling that I get nothing done (I do, but its all in fits and starts, like cleaning and cooking and thank you letters and coursework and revision planning etc). Or the Internal people want my attention. I debate plotlines with characters. I even discuss with my characters what I’m going to do with them.

Alrissa makes my skin crawl when I have to do that.

See – I’m having one of those days today.

I like to think that when this happens, the empty space in my head becomes cluttered with comfy chairs. I have a fire burning in the hearth and perhaps something in a cut glass bottle on the sideboard. And I sit with the whole crowd, at the centre of my own world.

Don’t take this as a cry for pity. It’s not. I am quite happy and quite sane – personifying the characters helps me write their dialogue, as if I am part of the action.

Some times I have scenes that are out of the grand film in my mind, I can picture the scene and the action and the characters and the clothes so clearly, and sometimes I’m slapping stuff into gaps, trying to get to the next big piece.

My characters have a habit of taking over.

If I have a spare day when I have nothing, some of the things that inspire me are: movie CDs, old films, walks to the coffee shop and Studio Ghibli.

Some of you might be familiar with my reliance on Studio Ghibli during my NaNoWriMo 09 attempt. Those were my flatmate’s DVDs, though I went and got Spirited Away (the first one I ever saw). Today I went and got some more after a long and strenuous argument with myself – or perhaps with my sensible Engineering minded ex-muse Piko (who developed an interest in the wrong field of engineering) and my fluffy creative little y draig goch. So, now Nausicaa, Laputa and The Cat Returns are a part of my collection – more source material. More brain fuel.

This blog was written on hyper charged Nausicaa and The Cat Returns, brought to you by Studio Ghibli.

I’ve also developed an interest in t.A.T.u.’s All the Things She Said and All About Us – should I be worried?
NB: All About Us has a very unexpected gunshot sound towards the end. It will make you jump – just a warning!