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I was taking a look at something on deviant art in my lunch break and somehow found my way (via a long way) to a character profile done by windyautumnmoon of her character Esmee Kincaid.

So, I had a go at doing one for Ifan. You can find it on my deviant art page here and if I get enough interest, I’ll do some more for the others.

I’m following the naming convention for Celtics and Vikings, with the children being noted for their Father. This is not because I’m lazy and hadn’t thought of a name (honest…) but because Ifan is clan-less. And no – I won’t tell you why because you’ll have to figure it out yourself. Suggestions both wild and wacky are accepted below.

And before you say it and wail beseechingly at me down the optic fibres and through your hastily scribbled words that Ifan’s a meanie and is meanie mean then I’m going to say uh yeah, I know. But cut the guy some slack, m’kay? Not your typical hero (hopefully). And he’s having a bit of a bad day. Without the need for spoiler spoilers, he’s having a very very bad day! Someone has died! And someone torched his childhood home (might have been him)

Also open to any questions you want to ask. I want to update/create an FAQ page and any questions are welcome on the topics of digital and pixel art, writing and general offline life.