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I am not going to bore you with a micro-rant (or even a macro-rant), but all I’m going to say is that some artists are so up themselves that they flame any article or person who tries to express their views on particularly sensitive topics. And no, I’m not going to talk about it, only to say that it makes me very sad that some individuals seem to be unable to grasp some of the basic concepts discussed in our Construction Management lectures this year – in the areas of payments and contracts. >_<

Nor will I rant about the flaky university intranet/internet that can’t decide to be on or off. The signal is poor, probably caused by the work being carried out on the various university buildings now it’s the Summer and most of us are out in the great wide world (give or take a few MSc and PhD students still kicking around. As for me, I’m a lowly intern-thing).

It makes trying to get any work done quite frustrating as I’m trying to send emails, attach documents and generally scan the web to supplement my current research.

Okay … now that’s out of my system …


Contest: Fantasy Hunks

One of my deviant art groups – okay, I say my groups, but it’s not really mine. I’ve not made a group on deviant art (yet) – does a monthly contest for its members to depict fantasy hunks to a specific theme. August is Norse men aka Vikings.

There are all sorts of other rules etc which I need to peruse carefully to make sure I meet all the requirements before I go off and work on something to then have it disallowed (because that would suck …)

I’m thinking an arty framed image of Ifan (who else?) with his horse Storm and the village behind him. If I can get small stone buildings, I’ll try to create the Great Hall, but right now, I’ll use my wooden long house. Maybe put some grim rain in …


Writing: Give me a line

… and I’ll sing it back to you.

Writing is proving to be slow – partly because I think my muse has developed a taste for distractions at work. Not that I cave. I just wonder if I should put a password on the documents to give another hurdle to work with (I should not have figured out where the chapters are individually stored and that they can be edited in word and then read in Liquid Story Binder). I should train my mind to work whilst at home, when I can afford the time to think and plan and be inspired, rather than scrabbling in a notebook or dropping half formed scenes into an email to remind myself when I get home.

I’m working on creating a space where I can work, rather than hunched over a laptop in the living room, scratching at nothing much whilst watching a film or watching my partner on a game. Should probably break the cycle I started at school where I wrote when I was bored in lessons (maybe why my writing sucked so badly back then).

Should probably actually listen to all the things I think about my characters …

It’s really hard to write a terse, uncommunicative hero. Ifan’s supposed to be a tight one with his words, rarely begrudging any comments unless required.

He’s turning into a bit of a chatter box.

And how do you write decent internal “telepathic” whispers?

*Exasperated sigh*

This story had better shape up better when I rework it – otherwise I shall despair and let my partner be the writer of the family.