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More new art to tickle your fancy. It was uploaded during the holiday, but I didn’t get round to putting up a post telling you about it.

Here is a young centaur, recently arrived from the Tanglewood to the city of Caeris, capital of Rhegan and he is in wonder at the size of the buildings. Although the places and cities are part of my novel, centaurs are (as of yet) not. Without giving too much away, Centaurs are part of the dying/dead magic that the arrival of two important people awaken. Therefore, after the events of “Sons of Lur”, all sorts of magical creatures awaken and come to life. This is one of them. He is currently unnamed. Name suggestions are most welcome.

A long way from home by ~space-wolf on deviantART

As you can see, the website is back up and fully working (except certain parts which will be explained further down)

I have decided to make the naming convention of the posts such so that you can see what the main topic is about – website, art, story etc. This is because I am now posting stuff on Twitter and Facebook whenever I upload stuff and I’ve found it hard to distinguish what I’ve done and not done. Hence being a bit slow to upload this latest image.

A simplified navigational menu is now available with the simple and the important things – about me (the author), my writing projects (both on and off the internet), my deviant art gallery and the link to my eventual Lulu.com page where you will be able to purchase Sons of Lur and any other novels I self-publish. I would love for this to become an Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk page, but first things first – write the story. 🙂

This store tab currently doesn’t work (well, it takes you to a dead page) – this may significantly change depending on how things develop and might take you to a working page or to a page on wolfish written with further links to a Cafepress shop, the Lulu store and other links to show love to other writers. My partner is nearing the end of drafting his novel “Summers End” and will hopefully be putting that online for all you lovely peoples to buy.

The layout should not change for a long while (she says …) but fonts and headings might get tinkered with. Hopefully you didn’t get lost in all the sawdust and wood shavings and welcome back to the site!