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I was working on something new and that’s what I made. I took some advice from KaanaMoonshadow on deviant art on improving my art and this is what I got. A slightly altered POV with a bit more scenery and careful lighting. Kinda went overboard with my lighting and I have some (lots) of things to tidy up.

This is a WIP until I get the other one finished. This took around 3 and a bit hours to render, something which I have to plan in advance and sacrifice my computer to make sure it doesn’t stutter and crash like it used to do. Needless to say, yesterday probably didn’t help by the fact that I had to write at the time. So if I leave it alone, it might just speed up.

WIP Hold On by ~space-wolf on deviantART

The glowy thing in his hand (he is holding her hand by the way) is meant to show that the pair are bound in a magical mystical way. I’d say more, but then I’d have to make this a SPOILER SPOILER post.