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My mind seems to be operating at super speed these days. Maybe  its the change of scenery, a change of pace. Maybe its simply being on holiday (actually on holiday, not fake holiday that I’ve been doing since I’ve been working to pay the bills and to feed myself instead of taking the entire summer off like some students), but I’m finding it hard to keep pace with my fingers.

My story is only around chapter two, slogging through some fiddly and sinister moments with beasts known as Shryke and I still have to work around to the moment of the beginning of the quest. But then my head is like “vrooommm!! onwards dear fellows, chapter seven, eight and nine await”.

I think that perhaps this hasn’t been helped by watching Numbers and finding that the actor of Charlie would make an amazing Colum. Oh, and that my computer is currently rendering away meaning everything has developed a ghostly slowness. I’m a touch typer (of sorts) and have found that I will probably be miles and miles ahead with my computer lagging and trying to catch up, but I know what I’ve been writing and what I want to say. Makes me want a type writer. I used to have a type writer when I was little, a silly yellow keyed thing in white plastic with the proper key action and a satisfying “ker-klunk” sound when I hammered on the keys. To say that, at the time, I did very little with it, it was probably chunked a couple of years ago when I moved out and my parents moved into my old room. However, looking at the stuff that’s being sorted out of the study, I wouldn’t be suprised if the machine never made it to the skip or the tip but instead is still waiting to be sorted out or thrown away. I found my labelling machine too – which is just … really fun to play with.

My hundred miles and hour brain probably hasn’t been helped by my collection of good film music. For example, nothing says amazing fight scene like the last samurai mix I have from my partner’s Classic FM at the Movies CD.

Maybe I should just make a note of where this chapter should be going, along with all the other bits of notes I have in my notebook and cover my partner bought me for my birthday (the sleeve comes off and makes another notebook look pretty without having to ruin lots of gorgeous notebooks. Then I get my labelling machine out and neatly label them. I have a shelf of notebooks needing labelled and sorted. I have a box of notes to file too … (shush!).

So yes – If I were to cast my characters into a proper film (not just the idea of an animated 3D trailer for the book when it’s finished … egads, I’m already thinking ahead to the advertisement campaign … >_<), I’d probably cast the following in the various roles. Don’t worry, the names will mean nothing to you just yet.

Malek: Sean Maher
Colum: David Krumholtz
Mar (voice of):

(Why do I always do this to myself? Make lots and lots of characters who all need motives and reasons and personalities. Maybe I should work on a short story instead …)