Yes, I’m still on holiday. And yes, the site is still getting pieced back together. But I have decided to make it active as of now – meaning you get to see the better, “improved” content.

The site will be turning from a showcase of art (still available from my Flickr and DeviantArt pages) and becoming more about my 3D art, my writing and eventual publishing and advertisement springboard, similar to other writers like Elaine Corvidae.

I hope some of you aren’t disappointed by the shift away from my pixel and digital art onto more serious (okay … semi-serious) things, but creating updates for Wolfish Written had become a difficult and time consuming task I was unwilling to undertake. Maybe I will go back to some of that later on, but right now my focus is on my writing and my 3D art.

Update schedules may or may not be followed. Art updates will still probably take up the odd short post, and ramblings are likely to continue.

If you get lost in the stir up, come back after August 9th when things will (probably) have settled and when I go back to work.

A little more on Sons of Lur

Sons of Lur is my working title of what has been known as the wolf book, dragon book, dragon 1 book and other titles during the past couple of years. There have been many rethinks, restarts, hefty chunks of text that have been discarded or generally crow-barred to fit a new draft.

There have been tears.

There has been days when I have not wanted to go on, to stop.

There will be many more, I can assure you.

My characters have been with me, for the most part, for several years. Some for as long as six, or seven or longer. Others have come from the broken parts of other stories and some have just been there, unchangeable in form but changing names and faces and purposes.

When this project has been completed, it will have been a long, learning experience, with many many false starts.

Some of these false starts may be familiar to you – the Elemental Trilogy and it’s Crusader prequel, Tales of Nine and other, smatterings of stories. Perhaps there will be a time to tell these tales, to give them the proper time, research and respect they need, but the characters I’ve worked on have developed such that they no longer fit in those tales, but fit in this one.

I’ve mentioned before that some characters seem to have split several ways and gone into many of my characters. This is probably because I like brooding, dark haired heros, men who don’t want to be the hero, but suffer and do as they are told by wizard or general consensus – like Aragorn, driven by a sense of honour rather than being an attention seeking little so and so …

So it may be a surprise that my leading man is blonde.

And not only blonde, but Scandinavian blonde – ash blonde, light flaxen blonde, so blonde it’s almost bleached grey or off white.

Poor Ifan.

Never the less, I can promise you this. It’s going to be big. And not just big, but bold – with twists and turns and devilish, gorgeous characters that will knock your socks off.

I made a promise to myself that I will finish this project and have it in print by the Summer of 2011. I hope you’ll be with me until the end.