It’s been a slow day. Can you tell? Have you had the feeling of languid nothing that feels like time is just dripping by and you’re getting nothing done? Or did you have the feeling that time is like the sand in the hour glass, slipping through your fingers?

To be fair, I have had days when the latter has occurred. I’ve usually had bags to pack for going home, several pieces of coursework needing trimming and primping, references that need checking but have gone astray in the midst of everything else I’ve looked at, all mixed up in the flow of life and the weekly schedule. And of course, worrying that you’re not getting enough done means that you don’t get enough done and you go to bed feeling like the day was wasted.

But today seems to have developed an oozing syrupy slowness, ambling along, minding it’s own business. It probably stems from my morning meeting with my boss and actually having him tell me that yes – what I am doing is right and wow, that’s good and ooh, looks like our predictions were a tad out, but definitely the right ball park. And it’s good to know that my conclusions weren’t too out of the blue. Tomorrow is the dissection, taking my hard work and condensing it into a single page of very technical and scientific information. Problem is, my uber table is like … half a page … *smiles a winning smile and prays she doesn’t have to cut the table again … and again … and again  until it means nada*


Interesting Reads

Fire in the Void -  Elaine Corvidae

I’ve come across this about a year ago. A free ebook, the sequel to Exile’s Burn (now available as hard or e-copy), tells the story of the crew of the Exile fighting their way across space in search of a crew member’s daughter.

Until now I only thought there were six chapters available for download on renderosity, but then I came across the actual site (link below), which has around 47 chapters (as of 30th June). This is an amazing bit of craftwork, Elaine already having several books under her belt, but it draws you into the dark world which has been very carefully made. I won’t give too much away, but I will leave you with this which is on the website:

The Zatvian Cooperative is in a state of collapse, and warfare, rebellion, and lawlessness are everywhere. Follow the crew of the pirate ship Exile as they search through the ruins, encountering petty tyrants, smugglers, and medical experiments gone wrong. Led by their amnesiac telepathic captain, Rat, they are searching for the daughter of one of their own, kidnapped as a child by the Zatvians and remade as a killing machine.

The only thing more dangerous than searching for her… might be finding her



I also came across a little scrap of poetry which seemed rather poignant today. I don’t really know why though.

In the desert I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held a heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, “Is it good, friend?”
“It is bitter – bitter”, he answered,
“But I like it because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart.”

~ Stephen Crane 
1871 – 1900